know your ukf8001 filter replacement 469006

Know Your Fridge Filter: 469006

The UKF8001 by Maytag is one of the most popular fridge filter models. For an inexpensive, but high-quality replacement, look at the 469006.

One of the problems regarding refrigerator water filters is that not many people are aware of the aftermarket options. So, they research the OEM prices and see that they’re nearly $40 per filter! Then they most likely don’t purchase a new filter. This leads to additional problems like spending hundreds of times more money on plastic water bottles than they would on tap water. DiscountFilters is here to help. We believe clean, filtered drinking water should exist in every home in America and we make that possible by offering aftermarket filters that cost a fraction of the OEM. Not only are they cheap, they work just as well as the OEM. Don’t forget we never charge you for shipping or returns!

This is a filter guide on a UKF8001 replacement. For additional filter guides, click one of the links to the left: 4396508, MWF

Installing Your UKF8001 Replacement

By watching the video above or reading our steps below, you’ll have your new filter installed in just a few minutes. The filter is typically located in the upper right corner of the refrigerator’s compartment.

1. Release the filter cover by pushing a button if there is one located in the front or pulling a tab forward if there’s one on the bottom.

2. Grasp and rotate the old filter cartridge counterclockwise until it releases from the filter head.

3. Insert the new filter and rotate it clockwise until it locks.

4. Close the cover.


ukf8001 Water Filter diagramHow Refrigerator Water Filters Work

Most modern water filters, including the UKF8001 OEM and aftermarket options, filter water by using activated carbon. Activated carbon is a form of carbon engineered specifically for filtration purposes. Even some of our air filters are made with the same substance. Activated carbon possesses very unique properties. Small particulates found in your tap water are attracted to its surface and are trapped there. Its surface is made of tiny pores that allow your tap water to filter through it and come out clean on the other side. This filtration process only takes a few seconds.

Common impurities found in tap water are rust, lead, and chlorine. Rust and lead can be present due to old, corroded pipes. Chlorine is present in most public drinking water due to the fact that water treatment plants disinfect the public water supply with it. It does a great job of making water-borne illnesses virtually non existent, but it can leave an undesirable taste or odor in your drinking water. This problem is solved with the 469006 refrigerator water filter.

Why Filter Replacements Are Necessary

We recommend changing water filters every six months to ensure your home is always supplied with the best quality of drinking water. Similar to air filters, water filters can become clogged with impurities and make filtration less effective and water flow slow. If you notice a change in flow speed, taste, look, or smell of your water, it’s time to replace your filter.

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