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Smiling woman drinking waterThe convenience of having pure, cool drinking water right in your home was once a luxury difficult to achieve and with the price of ‘safe’ bottled water many consumers didn’t know which option to choose – until now. The 469999 refrigerator filter is one of the easiest, most convenient devices for purifying your tap water. This high quality filter purifies your water providing you with sparkling clear, clean water suitable for all your drinking needs without having to boil your water to remove germs. The attachments on the 469999 is compatible with the Frigidaire ULTRAWF refrigerator filter models making it a healthy asset and worthy investment.

Through the activated carbon process, your water will have all impurities extracted from it, leaving it free from pollutants and poisonous micro organisms. Activated carbon is a form of carbon porous enough to allow one hundred percent adsorption, this process allows gas, liquids or dissolved solids to gather and adhere to the surface area rather than be absorbed into your drinking water.

The purification begins the minute your tap water enters the line extended from the refrigerator to the filter chamber. After the Frigidaire ULTRAWF filter is filled with water it is transferred to a center chamber holding the activated carbon. The carbon possesses a magnetic quality drawing impurities and substances such as asbestos, cysts, lead, chlorine, mold and bacteria towards it; this process is adsorption. As the carbon holds the substances back a path is then created for the clean water to pass through giving you refreshing, healthy water to drink.


The 469999 is fast and easy to install, just follow the instructions below.ULTRAWF_14

1. Open the housing, locating the filter.

2. Push firmly on the filter to unlock it then pull it out.

3. Replace the filter by reversing the process.


Flush the filter with two gallons of water before using it again.

Be sure to change your filter on a regular basis

The delicate make up processing equipment of the 469999 filter doesn’t allow for a lifetime guarantee. Hundreds of gallons of water will be processed through your filter on a monthly basis. This movement eventually dissolves the activated carbon making the purifying process less effective than before. A warn out filter possess a potential health risk and increases the strain on electricity which in turn increases energy costs. Be sure to change your filter twice a year and give it routine checks every two months to ensure its proper operation. If you want exceptional filters at reasonable prices be sure to look at our DiscountFilters.


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