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Know Your Fridge Filter: 469992

The Maytag UKF8001 filter works efficiently to ensure that your household is provided with refreshing water that is clean and clear.  With this filter in place you will never again need to worry about drinking dirty water.  This refrigerator water filter takes the undesirable elements from your water supply as it gives you healthy, clean water that tastes better as well as ice that is crystal clear.  This is a high quality fridge filter and it is one investment that you will not regret.  This particular water filter is compatible with a wide variety of refrigerator models and brands.

activated carbon from ukf8001Filter Process

The 469992 uses a filtration process that is scientifically engineered and this process utilizes activated carbon in order to remove the impurities from the tap water in your home.  Activated carbon is a type of carbon that is incredibly porous.  Because of this, it has a surface area that is increased and this allows for more adsorption.  Adsorption is what the process of a liquid, gas or a dissolved solid being adhered to a surface is called.

The process of filtration begins as the water enters the chamber of the filter coming from the water line in the refrigerator.  As the refrigerator water filter fills with the water, it gets pushed through into the inner chamber which contains the activated carbon.  This carbon then attracts the impurities in the water that can include mold, asbestos, bacteria, cysts, lead and chlorine.  All of these impurities are held right in the carbon while the now clean water flows through to you.

How to Install Your Filter

The 46992 is simple to install.  It will typically be situated in the top right corner of your fridge and will have either a push release or a pull release.  If it has a push tab, this tab will be found in the front of the housing for the filter.

  1. Open the filter housing by pushing on the tab
  2. Turn the filter in a counterclockwise direction until it is released
  3. Take the filter out
  4. Put a new one in by reversing the process

If there is a pull tab, you can find it under the front of the cover.

  1. Take the housing cover off
  2. Pull the tab to release it
  3. Rotate the filter counterclockwise a quarter turn
  4. Pull out the filter
  5. Replace it with a new one by reversing the process

Once you have put in a new filter, flush it with 2 gallons of water before using it.

Change it Often

Even the best filter doesn’t last forever.  As more and more water goes through it, the carbon will degrade.  This makes it not as effective, which means that all of the impurities may not be removed.  This can lead to health risks.  So that you minimize this risk, it is important to change the filter on a regular basis…around every 6 months.  If you want to get the highest quality filters for the best prices, check out the line of refrigerator water filters we offer.

We also carry many other popular filters other than the ukf8001 like the MWF, ADQ36006101, 4396508, DA29-00020b, DA29-00003G, 4396710 & the W10295370.

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