know your fridge filter 469006-750 a ukf8001 replacement

Know Your Fridge Filter: 469006-750

There’s a common misconception among Americans that bottled water is cleaner and safer than tap water. However, regulations set by the FDA are less strict than those set by the EPA. Public water treatment plants disinfect the water supply by using chlorine. Since the introduction of chlorine as a water purifier, water-borne illnesses have been virtually non-existent in America. The only downside is that the taste is affected by these minute traces of chlorine. Plus as the pipes that transport water become older, impurities such as rust can leech into the water.

But there’s an easy solution. Refrigerator water filters help to remove these impurities from your water and supply your home with clean, better tasting water. One popular OEM filter is Maytag’s UKF8001. DiscountFilters is the best place to shop for water filters. Don’t waste gas and time driving to the big box stores only to find that they don’t have the one you’re looking for. We have a large supply of cheap, aftermarket filters that work just as well as the OEM but for a fraction of the price. Plus, we’ll ship them to you for free, no questions asked. One such example of an aftermarket filter is the 469006-750. This filter is designed to replace your old UKF8001.


By watching our short video, you’ll be able to install your new filter in just a few minutes. We have also listed out the steps below.

1. After releasing the filter compartment, rotate your old filter counterclockwise to unlock it.

2. Pull the filter straight out to remove.

3. Run water through your new filter in the sink to remove air from the system and avoid sputtering.

4. Insert the new filter.

5. Lock it by rotating clockwise, and close the filter cover.

Even if you’ve saturated your new filter in the sink, it’s still important to properly flush water through it after installation. This consists of running water out of your dispenser into a bucket or jug to help remove any loose particles before using for personal use.

carbon from ukf8001Filtration Explanation

The 469006-750 refrigerator water filter removes impurities from your tap water with a substance called, activated carbon. This material is refined from regular carbon, and its surface is made of pores. That fact that activated carbon is porous allows your unfiltered water to soak through it with no blockage. Due to activated carbon’s unique capabilities impurities present in the unfiltered water are attracted to its surface and remain trapped there. The result is crystal clear water every time. This process occurs every time you dispense water from your fridge.

Filter Replacement

As your filter continues to filter out impurities, it can become over saturated with them. There’s only so much surface area where particles can be trapped, and as it becomes more and more crowded, the filter looses its effectiveness. You’ll know it’s time to change filters when you notice a change in color, smell, or taste of your water. We recommend replacing your UKF8001 replacements every six months.

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