know your fridge filter 469005 a ukf8001 replacement

Know Your Fridge Filter: 469005

Drinking plenty of fresh, clean water is required to maintain good health. Ensuring that you and your family have access to clean and refreshing water that is free of contaminants is the job of refrigerator water filters. The UKF8001 water filter, as well as its replacement, the 469005 water filter, are designed to remove unwanted and potentially harmful substances from the water that you use during your everyday activities. Fridge filters are a must-have accessory for the modern home so that only the highest quality water is enjoyed by its residents and guests alike.

lady dispensing clean ukf8001 filtered waterThe Technology Behind Fridge Filters

The 469005 water filter uses a technologically advanced filtration system of activated carbon to trap the impurities that often lurk, unseen, in the tap water that enters your home. This filtration process is meticulously engineered to rigorous scientific standards. The activated carbon within this filter is designed to be highly porous, allowing the tap water to flow through freely while trapping the harmful elements that are often present within it. This is achieved due to the expanded surface area of the carbon that enables it to facilitate adsorption. Adsorption differs greatly from absorption in that adsorption denotes the process in which solid, dissolved solid or gas clings to a particular surface.

Filtration Process

The actual method by which a filter works is a rather simple process with huge dividends. Beginning at the water filter line in your refrigerator, water then enters the UKF80001 water filter. Once the filter fills with water, it is propelled through the interior chamber that contains the activated carbon. The carbon attracts and captures any impurities that might be found in your water. While these unwanted substances can vary widely depending on a number of different factors, some of the most commonly found impurities include lead, asbestos, cysts, mold, bacteria, chlorine and more. The clean water then passes effortlessly out of the chamber while the unwanted substances remain behind, attached to the activated carbon. The end result is sparkling, crystal clean water that is ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Changing Your Water Filters

Push tab housing instructions:

  1. Access the housing by pushing the tab until the latch is released.
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise to release.
  3. Remove filter by pulling straight out.
  4. Reverse the process to install new filter.

Pull tab housing instructions:

  1. Located recessed tab on the underside of the front of the cover.
  2. Release latch by pulling it forward.
  3. Pull filter straight out to remove.
  4. Install new filter by reversing the process.

After changing the filter, allow the water to run freely for several minutes.

Changing Refrigerator Water Filters Regularly is a Must

Over time and use, the activated carbon within the UKF8001 water filter will start to degrade, making it less effective at removing those potentially harmful substances that you do not want to drink. Change your water filters at least every six months to avoid unsafe water.

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