Know Your Fridge Filter 46-9999

Filter 46-9999 Frigidaire ULTRAWFNever worry about drinking dirty water again with the 46-9999 refrigerator water filter. This efficient water filter will provide you and your family with crystal clear, refreshingly clean water whenever you want it. Unfiltered tap water can contain potentially dangerous pollutants, but a good refrigerator water filter can provide better tasting water and peace of mind in knowing that your water is clean and healthy. The 46-9999 water filter is compatible with a variety of refrigerator models and brands. You’ll be glad that you added a quality water filter to your home.

Filtration Process

The filtration process of the 46-9999 is simple, but scientifically proven. The process uses activated carbon, an extremely porous form of carbon, to remove unwanted materials from your water. The 46-9999 water filter has an inner chamber full of activated carbon where impurities are captured and held in place. The filter is compatible with the Frigidaire ULTRAWF and can be replaced with the filters listed below in the compatible filters section.

The process begins when water from your home’s tap water supply enters the filter. As the water flows through, it enters the chamber with the activated carbon. The activated carbon catches chlorine, mold, cysts, lead, bacteria, asbestos, and any other impurities in the water as it flows by. The impurities are held in place as the clean water flows out of the filter, and in an instant you are provided with fresh, pure water for drinking, beverage making or cooking at any time.

How To install Your FilterULTRAWF Description

The 46-9999 water filter is easy to install. The filter is usually found in the upper right corner of the fridge, and will have either a push or pull release tab. Follow these simple steps to install your water filter with no hassle.

  1. Push on the end or face of the filter to remove the old filter.
  2. Pull the filter straight out and discard it.
  3. Insert the new filter and make sure that it is securely in place.
  4. You should hear a snap or click of it secures.

Once your new filter is in place, don’t forget to flush the filter with two gallons of water and discard the first two batches of ice before use.

Reminder to Regularly Replace Your Water Filter

The 46-9999 water filter is an excellent water filter, but water filters don’t last forever. Over time and continual use, the activated carbon will begin to degrade. Degraded carbon is not as efficient or effective at catching contaminants in the water. A water filter that is not working at maximum capacity could cause potential health concerns, maintenance problems and increased energy costs. The only way to avoid these problems and keep your water fresh is to regularly replace your water filter at least once every six months. To find the right high-quality filter for you, check out our fridge filter finder.

ULTRAWF Installation

Compatible Filters for the Frigidaire ULTRAWF


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  1. The new filter won’t engage the locking mechanism when i push it in place. It just keeps springing back at me. There is no click no matter how hard I push.

    • Hey John! It sounds like you might need to contact your filter seller to see if they can provide a different filter that will hopefully engage. If you bought from us, we’d be happy to replace it. Hope this helps!

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