Know Your Fridge Filter 46-9919

Family Enjoying Meal At HomeIn today’s world, it remains more important than ever to have water in your home that is delicious and pure. Many homeowners all over the United States have been forced to confront the fact that they do not have the kind of quality water they want. They may see water in their homes that is brownish in color and smells really bad. This is why so many homeowners have turned to a simple solution: using discount water filters. Discount water filters are a quick and easy way to get perfect water. The modern water filter uses a very porous substance called activated carbon to remove all impurities from any water supply. The activated carbon means no more chlorine, mold, asbestos in the water. Instead, what flows from the filter is crystal clear water, ideal for any use.





Installation Instructions for the 46-9919

Installing the discount water filter in your fridge is very easy. The following instructions will help you tackle this process:

  • Your first step is to turn Off your ice maker. Just raise the wire signal arm inside.
  • Then, you will need to remove the filter. Do this by pushing on the end/face of your filter.
  • After that, you can slide the old water filter cartridge right out of the housing. Just discard it.
  • You can use the alignment guide to help you slide it gently inside. You need to get it into the filter housing. Wait until it stops moving against the snap-in connector that you see at the back of the inside housing unit.
  • You will then need to push firmly until the cartridge fully snaps into place. This can be determined when you hear a click once the cartridge is able to connect with the snap-in connector.
  • Then, you can turn ice maker back on by lowering the wire signal arm inside.
  • Once this process is completed, you should press and hold the button labeled the Water Filter button that you see right on the Ice & Water Dispenser control panel. Hold it for three seconds. Wait until you see that the display has changed from Red to Green. This means that the status has been reset correctly.

After you have replaced the water filter, you will need to make the ice maker is work properly. To do this, you will to clear air from water filter tubing. After your ice maker starts to make ice, let the ice bucket fill completely. Then you should discard the first TWO FULL buckets of ice made.

Follow these instructions and you will get the results you want and need. Using DiscountFilters is a great way to get quality water at a highly affordable price. Take advantage of today’s water filtration technology to have a home water supply that always tastes great.

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