Know Your Fridge Filter: 46-9690

The 46-9690 refrigerator water filter is extremely effective when it comes to providing refreshing clean and clear drinking water to your household.  Allowing you to eliminate all fears of drinking dirty water, the 46-9690 will remove unnecessary – and harmful – particles. In addition to bringing you healthy water, the 46-9690 is a high quality item your home can’t do without. The 46-9690 water filter is also an affordable alternative for the ADQ360106101 filter.


About the 46-9690 Filter

Here are many of the benefits as to why this refrigerator water filters is great for any home or workplace:

  • What Does It Filter Out? – The 46-9690 reduces Chlorine, Mercury, Lead, , Toxaphene, P-Dichlorobenzine, Lindane, Carbofuran, Benzene, Atrazine and Asbestos.
  • What Is The Capacity? – The capacity is about 6 months, much like the OEM. Being like the OEM, it is in consideration of how much water is used with the filter.
  • What Is The Flow Rate? – The flow rate is at 0.7 GPM.

How The System Works

The filtration process begins with a scientifically designed filtration system. This system uses a process to help eliminate the harmful particles often found in tap water, called activated carbon. Activated carbon extremely porous and adsorbs many of the particles your drinking water can do without. Adsorbing is much different than absorbing because it adheres to the harmful particles to the surface.

The process operates when your water enters the filter chamber. From here, the water is pushed through another chamber which contains the activated carbon. The activated carbon then adsorbs the harmful particles you wouldn’t want to drink, leaving you with a clean, refreshing glass of water.

How To Install The 46-9690

The process of installing this water filter is relatively easy. To begin the installation process for a push tab filter, you’ll need to:

  • Open the filtration housing to gain access to the water filter.
  • Turn the existing filter counterclockwise until it is unscrewed/released.
  • Pull the filter out of the filtration housing.
  • To replace this filter, just do these step in reverse order.

If your filter is a pull tab, you’ll need to:

  • Open the filtration housing by locating the recessed tab.
  • Pull the tab forward to release the latch.
  • Turn the filter a quarter turn counterclockwise.
  • Begin pulling the existing filter out.
  • To replace this filter, just do these steps in reverse order.

Most importantly, don’t forget to flush at least two gallons of water through the filter before drinking and to replace your water filter every 3-6 months. This way you can enjoy the clean water that you deserve.


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