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Know Your Fridge Filter: 46-9006

boy drinking ukf8001 purified drinking waterNobody wants to drink dirty water.  If you are drinking unfiltered tap water, you already could be.  Unfiltered tap water has the potential to be contaminated from a variety of external sources throughout its entire journey from natural water sources to your home. The 46-9006 refrigerator water filter is an efficient tool that can eliminate foreign contaminants from your drinking water.

Designed as an aftermarket replacement filter for the UKF8001 water filter, the 46-9006 filter replacement fits in a wide variety of popular refrigerator brands and models including fridges by Amana, KitchenAid, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Viking.  Never worry about drinking dirty water again when you use the 46-9006 water filter provide your home with better-tasting and healthy tap water for drinking and ice.

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How to Install My 46-9006 Filter

Installing your 46-9006 fridge filter replacement is a simple process that can be done in minutes.  The installation process can be done in two ways depending on the type of filter housing your refrigerator has – push or pull.  First located the filter in your fridge.  This is typically found in the upper right-hand corner of the fridge. The filter housing will have one of two different types of housing – push or pull. Once located, you can install the filter by following these simple steps:

PUSH – Tab located in the front of the filter housing

  • Push the tab inwards to release the housing.
  • Turn the filter counterclockwise until you feel it release.
  • Once unlocked, the filter can be pulled straight out.
  • To install the new filter, reverse this process.

PULL – Pull the recessed tab on the underside of the filter housing

    • Pull the tab towards you to release the filter housing.
    • Twist the filter counterclockwise until it releases from the housing.
    • Once released, the filter can be pulled straight out.
    • To install a new filter, reverse this process.

A newly installed filter should be flushed before its initial use. Run about 2 gallons of water through the new filter to ensure that any water produced will be clean and drinkable.

How Does the 46-9006 Filter Work?

What gives the 46-9006 its effective filtration power? Inside the filter cartridge lies a block of extremely porous form of carbon called “activated carbon.”  This form of carbon has an increased amount of surface area which makes it an ideal tool to use in filtration.  As water enters the filter through the top of the cartridge, it comes into contact with the carbon.  The carbon finds unwanted particulate in your tap water supply, captures it, and holds it as clean water is allowed to pass through it unimpeded. Clean water is then pushed back out of the filter and is then ready for consumption.

This process occurs in seconds! Now you can enjoy crystal clear, healthy water free from foreign substances and minerals such as chlorine taste, odor, lead, and other undesirable contaminants.

routine ukf8001 fridge filter change reminderDo I Really Need to Change My Filter?

Now that your 46-9006 is properly installed, you can forget worrying about drinking dirty water for a while, but not forever.  As your fridge filter undergoes continual usage, more and more water will pass through the filter.  The water will begin to break down and degrade the activated carbon inside the filter, causing it to lose its efficacy.  This can lead to a potential drop in water quality, as well as an increased susceptibility to potential health and maintenance issues.

The best way to make sure this doesn’t occur is to perform routine filter changes at the recommended time.  You should try to change your filter at least once every six months or whenever the indicator light in your refrigerator goes off.  By changing your filter as recommended, you can enjoy the peace of mind of always have healthy, clean, and clear drinking water in your home.

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