Know Your Fridge Filter 4396842

Drinking filtered water 4396842Access to clean water is something that everyone needs. When people live in a place that lacks access to water that is clean, all kinds of problems may result. Water that is not pure can cause all kinds of problems for adults and children. Children in particular may suffer serious problems from contaminated water such as lowered academic potential if contaminants such as lead remain in their drinking water for a prolonged period of time. This is why so many people have found it helpful to use a discount fridge water filter, like the 4396842. Water filters are a safe, natural, cheap and easy way to rid any water system of dangerous chemicals and make sure any home always has access to clean, fresh, delicious, pure water.

Clean Water Instantly

A water filter such as the 4396842 will supply any home with constant access to water that has been carefully filtered of potentially dangerous contaminants such as chlorine, dirt and lead that can cause health problems and make the water unfit to drink. Using refrigerator water filters of this sort can help insure that any household has water that looks fantastic and tastes even better. Installing the Whirlpool 4396842 is very easy. A few simple steps are all it takes to have excellent quality water right from your own refrigerator.Whirlpool EDR3RXD1 - 3

Installing the Filter

First, you need to locate the filter in the grille that is near the bottom of your refrigerator. After you’ve done that, you should push the button as firmly as possible until you see the filter popping out. Then you will need to remove the cap from the filter by twisting it counter-clockwise. After doing so, you can reinstall the cap on the new filter in front of you and remove the red caps you see from the end of the filter. Then, all you need to do is insert the new filter in your refrigerator and push the filter inside of the space firmly until you hear that it clicks in place. Flush two gallons of water through the refrigerator water filter before use. This quick process will help make sure that your filter is inside of the fridge and functioning properly from the second you put in place.

How It Works

Your new water filter works through the use of a simple, proven technological process that has been repeatedly shown to be safe and highly effective. The secret to water that is clean and pure is material called activated carbon. Activated carbon is carbon that has been designed to have more holes and therefore more absorbency. Water enters the chamber inside of the filter. Then the unwanted contaminants cling to the carbon inside of the filter. Water exits the chamber without the contaminants. The result? Instant water from your fridge that is clean, clean, crisp and utterly delicious. Better yet, water that is freed of any chemicals that might cause problems of any kind. Many people find it easy to use their discount water filters. For pennies each glass, they get the kind of water they want and deserve. Remember to replace your old filter roughly every six months to ensure high quality fresh water from your fridge.

Compatible Filters With the 4396842


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