Know Your Fridge Filter 4396841T

Couple drinking filtered water 4396841TWhen you reach for something to drink, how often are you searching for something with excess sugar or chemicals you know your body doesn’t need? Chances are, you do this more often than you should. Despite the common attitude that water might be boring, it may be a simple matter of your tap water simply not tasting very good. It’s likely not bad for you to drink, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality. Fortunately, there are discount fridge filters like the Whirlpool EDR3RXD1-3 which can give you an alternative than the 4396841T filter.

How Exactly Do Water Filters Work With My Tap Supply?Whirlpool EDR3RXD1 - 3

Because every city varies when it comes to how they treat their water, filters work to level the playing field so every glass you have is consistently free from anything but Hydrogen and Oxygen. Not all treatment systems can catch every stray bacteria or other types of elements like Chlorine. These trace substances can lead to cloudy or poor tasting water that can stop you from getting the requisite amount of hydration on a daily basis.

Refrigerator water filters function by using activated carbon to clean up your water. The carbon is porous and attracts the elements that shouldn’t be found in your water supply. Once you’ve enjoyed crisp and clear water for 6 months, it’s time to change your filter. That’s why it’s important to choose refrigerator filters like the 4396841T, so you can change it twice a year without breaking the bank.

How Does Installation Work?

Every filter has its own kind of housing, but fortunately it’s all easy to work with and simple to install. Most refrigerators for this model filter have a compartment in the bottom of the fridge, you can determine that by looking in the grille of your fridge. Simply follow the instructions below for an easy changing process.

  1. Push the filter into the compartment, until it releases.
  2. Once it releases pull the filter out.
  3. Remove the refrigerator caps from the old filter.
  4. Discard the old filter.
  5. Attach the refrigerator caps to the new filter.
  6. Insert the new filter into the filter compartment.
  7. Push firmly until you hear a click.

After the installation is complete, run 2 gallons of water through for optimum performance of the filter. This is known as flushing your filter and assures the high quality of water coming from your filter. There are many uses for these two gallons of water besides tossing it down the drain. You can now enjoy water for the next 6 months without having to worry about impurities clogging up the taste! Remember to check out DiscountFilters for your complete selection of water filters.

Compatible Water Filters for the 4396841T Refrigerator Filter


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