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Child with cup of waterThe 4396841P water filter can ultimately be used in the place of the Whirlpool Deluxe EDR3RXD1 refrigerator filter. The water filter is used in many diverse dispensers that can be found in a wide variety of refrigerator brands. You will never have to worry about drinking dirty water again because the 4396841P was tested against reducing specific pollutants. The filter is able to reduce a wide range of contaminants including lead, chlorine, and a variety of other chemicals that can be built up in water supply over an extended period of time. This high quality refrigerator filter is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best filtered water possible.

This refrigerator water filter does an excellent job at removing the contaminants found in your water supply. The filtering capacity is approximately 200 gallons and ultimately has a flow rate of .85 gallons per minute. This filter is made with original factory parts. When you use the Whirlpool 4396841P refrigerator correctly, you will notice a huge difference in the quality of the water and ice from your refrigerator. Installing this filter is easy and it is guaranteed to fit refrigerator models that use this filter or any filter that is compatible. This is the best solution to provide your home with clear and refreshingly clean water.

Installation InstructionsWhirlpool EDR3RXD1 - 3

The 4396841P is easy to install. Simply follow these steps:

1.) A grille is located near the bottom of the refrigerator. Locate the grille.

2.) The filter will pop out as you firmly push the button.

3.) To remove the cap from the filter, twist it counterclockwise.

4.) Place the cap on the new filter and take off the red caps that are located at the end of the filter.

5.) The new filter should then be placed in the refrigerator and the cap should be twisted until you hear it lock in place.

Since filters do not last forever, it is advised that you change your refrigerator water filter once every six months. As more water passes through the filter, the carbon ultimately begins to degrade. When the carbon degrades, it becomes less effective and doesn’t have the same ability it had when it was first used to capture the contaminants in your water supply. If you have a filter that is running at less than its maximum capacity, you are ultimately putting yourself at risk for increased health risks and you may experience an increased energy cost as well. If you want to have peace of mind about the health concerns a refrigerator filter can cause and want to reduce the risk of maintenance on your filter in the future, it is a wise idea to perform routine filter changes at least once every six months. This will ultimately ensure that you are getting the best taste and quality from your filter. The 4396841P is an excellent discount fridge filter that will reduce the contaminants that are found in your water supply so you can enjoy drinking water more.

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