Know Your Fridge Filter 4396841B

Water from the 4396841BProviding your family with crystal clear and clean water and ice cubes is the least expensive item you can do to ensure their good health. Home water supplies have many impurities in the tap water that can potentially make you and your family sick. The 4396841B fridge filter works seamlessly to provide healthy water for your family and may even encourage them to drink more water because the taste is so crisp in beverages. The 4396841 water filter is compatible with the Whirlpool EDR3RXD1-3 water filter. Refrigerator water filters save you many dollars over expensive bottles of water and you don’t have to wait for a water filter pitcher to clean the water before you use it. You will never worry about dirty water for consumption again.

The Filtration ProcessWhirlpool EDR3RXD1 - 3

The 4396841B water filter is scientifically designed to be one of the best filters on the market. It contains activated carbon inside to attract all impurities in tap water and hold them in the porous carbon to remove them from your water.

The water supply line in your home attaches at the rear of your refrigerator and enters the 4396841B refrigerator water filter from the rear. Water passes through the filter and all contaminants adhere to the activated carbon, such as bacteria, mold, cysts, lead, chlorine and asbestos. The clean water travels to both the ice maker and the water dispenser in separate lines to provide you with refreshing clean water and ice cubes on demand for your family’s health.

How to Install Your Filter

Water filter installation is quite simple and varies slightly between different makes and models of refrigerators and the location of the fridge filter. The most common filter location for this model is in the bottom grille of the refrigerator.

In the Bottom Grille

1.) Pull the tab in the grille forward to release the filter.

2.) Grasp and turn the filter one-quarter turn counterclockwise, then pull the filter straight out.

3.) Insert a new filter, turn it one-quarter turn clockwise and press the tab in to lock the filter in place.

Always remember to flush the new water filter and your water system by activating the water dispenser to expel at least two gallons of water through the new filter. By flushing water through the filter you are able to assure the highest quality water from your fridge. There are many ways that you can use this flushed water in your home even if you can’t consume it.

Filter Replacement Reminders

Water filters last approximately six months before the activated carbon starts to break down and not function to its fullest capabilities. Some models of refrigerators have a filter reminder in them. A green light means the filter is working properly, a yellow light signifies it’s time to reorder a DiscountFilter, and a red light tells you it is no longer functioning well and needs replacing. You can always write the dates on a calendar to remember when to replace your filter to have clean, clear and refreshing water and ice cubes all year round. If not changed on time, your water may have an odor or a color to it and it will not taste right, which can lead to potential health risks for your family.

Compatible Filters with the 4396841B Water Filter


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