4396508 replacement filter: 4396510P

Know Your Fridge Filter: 4396510P

With many years of experience in the filtration industry, DiscountFilters.com is passing its knowledge on to you. Buying your first filter replacement can be a confusing time, so we hope to make it easier. Our buying experience is extremely simple, customer service is always there to help, and we don’t bother you with paying for shipping or returns. Check out our selection of water filters today!

One popular OEM water filter, Whirlpool’s 4396508 comes standard in many refrigerator brands today. In order to save money on a 4396508 replacement filter, we sell aftermarket filters that offer the same quality but at a fraction of the cost. One such filter is the 4396510P.


Installing your new 4396510P water filter is simple. Just watch this handy video or follow the steps below and you will be enjoying clean, better tasting water in a matter of minutes.

1. Turn off the ice maker.

2. To unlock the filter, turn the cap counterclockwise one quarter.

3. Pull the cartridge straight out.

4. Slide off the cap and slide it onto the new filter.

5. Insert the filter with the cap in a vertical position.

6. Twist the cap clockwise until the cap is horizontal. The filter should be locked.

7. Flush out water for around 5 minutes. Turn the ice maker back on.

That’s it!

How Does it Work?4396508 Filtered Water

The 4396510P is backed by a scientifically-tested filtration method commonly used in the best filters on the market. The water filter takes advantage of a special substance called activated carbon. Activated carbon is a specially-engineered form of carbon that is designed mainly for filtration purposes. Its surface is made up of many, many pores, somewhat like a sponge. However, unlike a sponge, liquid passes through the activated carbon and does not soak into it and stay there. However, due to its unique properties, any foreign particles within the water are attracted to the surface. This process is called adsorption.

Therefore, every time you receive water from your fridge dispenser, your unfiltered tap water enters the filter, passes through the activated carbon, and comes out clean on the other side. This simple, but effective process only takes a few seconds.

Filter Replacements

Just as the original OEM filter got too old, this filter does the same. Most filters, including this one, have a six month lifespan. When used continuously, the carbon in the filter eventually degrades, and becomes less effective as a filter. To ensure your home is always supplied with clean water, replace your 4396510P fridge filter at least twice per year.

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