4396508 replacement filter: 4396508P

Know Your Fridge Filter: 4396508P

Changing your refrigerator water filter is a small task that can make a big difference. However, most people can forget about it easily, especially if they use plastic water bottles. But, DiscountFilters makes the process fairly easy by offering free shipping & returns, an easy-to-use filter finder, and fantastic customer service. The 4396508 OEM model filter is a popular filter that is designed for refrigerator brands such as Whirlpool, Amana, and Thermador. When it comes time to buy a new filter, we recommend the aftermarket 4396508P water filter, as it can supply your home with clean, better tasting water at a fraction of the cost of the OEM.

activated carbon from 4396508

So how exactly does the 4396508P water filter work? The main ingredient when it comes to most refrigerator filters is activated carbon.  In the illustration to the right, water enters your filter’s inner chamber every time you receive water from your fridge. The water comes into contact with the activated carbon and and seeps through the other side. This process is known as adsorption. Adsorption consists of absorbing particles while allowing liquid to pass through. So the water enters one end, unfiltered, and exits the other side, filtered and clean. Impurities such as chlorine are attracted to the unique properties of the carbon.


Installing your new fridge filter is easier than it seems. Just by watching this short video and following these steps, you can install your filter in a matter of minutes.

1. Turn off your ice maker.

2. Locate the filter at the bottom of the fridge.

3. Twist the cap counterclockwise until you feel the cartridge unlock.

4. Pull the filter straight out.

5. Slide off the cap from the old filter, slide the cap onto the new filter.

6. Insert the new filter into the chamber in the grille with the cap in a vertical position.

7. Turn the cap clockwise, into a horizontal position to lock the filter in place.

8. Flush out water for five minutes and turn on the ice maker.

The most important step may be flushing out the new filter in order to properly saturate it and prepare for months of use.


We recommend swapping out filters every six months to ensure your home is always supplied with the best water. Neglect to change a filter after a long time can lead to maintenance issues within your fridge. Once again, we make it easy by offering filter change reminder emails that send out 6 months after you bought your last filter. Another easy way to remember to change your filters is every Daylight Savings day, since they occur twice per year.


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