4396508 know your fridge filter

Know Your Fridge Filter: 4396508

The 4396508 refrigerator water filter utilizes a scientifically tested filtration process to remove harsh impurities from your indoor water supply.  Fitting into a number of refrigerator brands and models, the 4396508 fridge filter is an efficient, versatile tool to providing your home or office with crystal clear, healthy water. Never worry about drinking dirty water again. Healthy water can be made available to you with ease by installing this high quality, premium water filtration device.  Better tasting, clean water, as well as clearer ice are made possible with the 4396508 fridge filter.

Filtration Process

By using a scientifically proven filtration method, the 4396508 filter is able to remove tiny particles that can enter your home’s tap water supply.  The 4396508 filter is able to do this because of activated carbon in 4396508 Filter Diagramthe filter.  What is activated carbon? Activated carbon is an extremely porous form of carbon engineered to have increased surface area.  The increased surface area of the activated carbon allows for greater adsorption of unwanted materials in your water supply.  Unlike absorption, adsorption occurs when a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid adheres to a surface.

The process of filtering water begins as soon as water enters the filter from your home water supply.  As the 4396508 filter fills with water, the water is pushed through an inner chamber that contains activated carbon.  Undesirable particulate is then captured by the carbon as water flows through it. These unwanted substances can include chlorine, cysts, lead, asbestos, bacteria, and mold.  As the substances are captured by the carbon, clean water is allowed to pass through.  The resulting product of this process is healthy, clean, and better tasting water free from contaminants.

How to Install Your Filter

The 4396508 filter is easy to install. The filter is generally located at the bottom of the refrigerator. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Locate the filter at the bottom of the refrigerator.
  2. Grab the filter cap and turn one quarter turn counter clockwise to unlock it.
  3. Pull out the filter and remove the cap.
  4. To replace the filter, simply reverse the process.
  5. Turn clockwise to lock.

After replacing the filter, be sure to flush approximately 2 gallons of water through the filter before using.

Change Your Water Filter Routinely

To ensure that your home is consistently supplied with only the cleanest water supply, you should perform routine filter changes.  As the 4396508 filter undergoes continual use, the carbon in the filter will begin to degrade as more and more water passes through.  This can result in a decrease in efficacy of the filter.  This quality decrease can lead to a number of potential problems such as a decrease in water quality, increased health risks, and potential for maintenance issues.  To prevent these issues from occurring, be sure to change your filter at least once every six month so that your household always has access to refreshingly healthy water.


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