know your filter: 4396395

Know Your Fridge Filter: 4396395

UKF8001 Water FilterFor the perfect glass of cool, clear water, you need the proper equipment to get the job done. The 4396395 refrigerator water filter works to discreetly remove harsh impurities from your indoor water supply.  This replacement fridge filter is an aftermarket product
for the UKF8001 model filter-one of the most popular replacement filters-and fits into a variety of popular refrigerator brands and models. Able to remove even the smallest of foreign materials in your water supply, with the help of the 4396395 water filter on your side, dirty water doesn’t stand a chance.  By implementing this fridge filter replacement in your home, you can enjoy healthy, clear, better-tasting water anytime.


So you’ve got your 4396395 fridge filter-now what? The installation process isn’t complicated. The water filter cartridge is typically located in the back upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment.  You can release the filter cover in two ways, either pushing a button or pulling forward on a tab release.  The filter cover will hang down at an angle when open. To complete the installation process, simply follow these steps:

1.)    Remove the old filter cartridge by grasping and gently turning counterclockwise until it releases from the filter head compartment.

2.)    Insert the 4396395 filter into the filter head compartment and rotate clockwise until the filter stops.

3.)    Close the fridge filter cover

Remember to run water continuously through the filter dispenser for about 4 gallons (approx. 5 mins).  This should flush out your new filter and prepare it for use.

Filtration Process

Using a proven scientific filtration method, the 4396395 fridge filter removes undesirable impurities from your home’s tap water.  The key ingredient to the filtration process is activated carbon.  What is activated carbon? Activated carbon is an extremely porous form of carbon that is exceptional at adsorption.  Adsorption is adhesion of atoms, ions, or molecules from a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid to a surface.UKF8001 Filter Diagram

The filtration process begins when water from your tap water supply enters your filter through your fridge.  Inside the filter, the water gets pushed through an inner chamber filled with activated carbon.  The carbon block attracts and captures any unwanted substances that may be present in your tap water supply.  Impurities such as cysts, lead, chlorine, mold, and bacteria are held in the carbon block as clean water passes through and is then made available to you in seconds! The end result of this process is crystal clear, better-tasting, healthy drinking water.

Filter Change Reminder

Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but your fridge filter won’t last forever.  After continual use, more and more water gets pushed through the filter and the carbon block can begin to degrade.  This means that the filter can drop in efficacy and result in a drop in water quality.  Along with this, health issues may occur from drinking unfiltered water as well as potential maintenance issues.  These problems are easily remedied by making sure to perform routine filter changes at least every six months.  This is the surefire way of ensuring that your home is always supplied with clean, healthy water.

Is the 4396395 not right for your fridge?  Read one of our recent blog posts to know how to find the right filter for your kitchen.  Or just head right for our filter finder to get started!

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