4396508 replacement filter: 4392857

Know Your Fridge Filter: 4392857

When it comes to your home’s tap water, you don’t want to have to worry about consuming potentially harmful pathogens. The 4392857 refrigerator water filter works to remove harsh impurities from your tap water and provide you with crystal clear, refreshing drinking water. Designed as an aftermarket replacement for the Whirlpool 4396508 fridge filter, the 4392857 filter replacement is compatible with a variety of popular refrigerator brands and models including Whirlpool, Thermador, Amana, and KitchenAid.  This aftermarket filter is a cost-effective alternative that shares comparable filtration results and many of the same features as the OEM product.  This easy-to-install filter can be utilized as an effective filtration tool to provide your household with a better-tasting, healthy water supply.

Installation Procedure

Installing your 4392857 replacement filter into your fridge is simple. First, locate your filter cartridge. This will typically be collated at the bottom of the fridge in the grille.  Your filter should be replaced when the red indicator light goes off or if the flow of water to the dispenser or icemaker has decreased.  A fridge filter should be replaced at least every six months, so if your fridge does not have an indicator light, this is a good measure to go by.  Now that you’ve located your filter cartridge on your fridge, we can begin the filter change process:

  1. First, turn off your icemaker.
  2. Rotate the cap of the filter cartridge a quarter of the way counter-clockwise
  3. Pull out the now loose filter cartridge and remove the cartridge grille cap by sliding it off of the end of the old cartridge
  4. Slide the grille cap onto the new filter cartridge
  5. Rotate the filter so that the new cartridge cap is in the vertical position
  6. Insert the filter into the base grille and rotate the cap clockwise into a horizontal position or until the filter locks.

After installing your new filter, it is good practice to flush 2-3 gallons of water through the filter before consumption of the water.  This will remove any residual sediment in the filter.  From this point, you can turn your icemaker back on and begin to enjoy healthy, crystal clear drinking water at your leisure.

How Does It Work?4396508 Filter Diagram

Once your 4392857 water filter is installed, you can now begin to enjoy clean and healthy drinking water in your household, but how exactly does this work? Inside your filter, there is an inner chamber filled with an extremely porous form of carbon called “activated carbon.”  This type of carbon has exponentially more surface area and is able to capture and hold unwanted substances that may be present in your drinking water.  With the power of activated carbon, contaminants such as dirt, rust, and lead are prevented from entering your drinking water.

As soon as water enters the filter, the filtration process begins.  The water rushing into the filter comes into contact with the activated carbon inside.  From this point, the carbon attracts and captures impurities as water passes through.  Clean water is then produced and pushed back out through the top of the filter.  The end result is healthy, pathogen-free water available to you at all times.  This entire filtration process occurs in a matter of seconds!

Don’t Forget to Change Your Filter

The peace of mind that comes with enjoying refreshingly healthy tap water in your home is incomparable. However, your new fridge filter will not last forever.  Refrigerator water filters like the 4392857 need to be replaced at least once every six months.  As your filter undergoes continual use over time, more and more water passes through.  This can cause the carbon inside to degrade and lose its efficacy.  To prevent a drop in water quality or potential health and maintenance issues, make sure to remember to change your refrigerator filter as necessary so that you never have to worry about drinking dirty water again!

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