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Young boy indoors drinking water smilingWater can play a very important role in changing one’s health. Hydration performs a whole host of amazing benefits, and it can fill you up so you don’t want something not quite as good for your body. Sugars infiltrate our system and cause us to put on extra pounds that are difficult to lose. One step you can take is to continuously replace your water filter. Having clean water gives you an extra reason to drink more and will leave you with more energy to take on the world. Frigidaire ULTRAWF filters are extremely common on the market, and they can be replaced with discount fridge filters like 242017801 so you can save money both on the filter and on bottled water.

How Exactly Do Filters Purify My Water Supply?

Every city has their own water cleaning standards and refrigerator water filters thankfully take the guess work out of exactly how they go about doing so. Keep your water from having any type of funny smell or taste when you take the time to change out your filter. While tiny bits of substances may not be harmful to you, it can discourage you from drinking as much water as you should in a day.

Water filters like model 242017801 work by using activated carbon which essentially catches anything you don’t need in your water. Rid your glass or bottle of the lead, chlorine and bacteria which can often make its way into there. This method works fast and makes it a smart and economical choice for homes everywhere.

Installing the 242017801 Filter

Your first step is figure out if you have a push or pull filter, so look the upper right-hand part of your fridge and see if you have a tab or a hatch. If you see a tab that is easily pressed then you have a push release, if not then you have a pull release. After that, you can simply follow the instructions below.ULTRAWF_14

For a Push Release

1. Pushing in the tab on the housing will release the housing immediately.

2. Once you do so, simply rotate the housing counter clockwise until the whole filter discharges.

3. Now just pull straight out.

4. When you install the new filter, just repeat the initial directions in repeat order. Ensure that the filter is fitted properly before rotating.

Pull filters will need to be felt for until you find

For a pull filter, feel under the housing to find the tab.

1. Pull the tab toward you to release the hatch.

2. In a counter-clockwise motion, rotate the filter 1/4 of a turn.

3. You can now pull the filter straight out of the housing.

4. Installing will use the same directions in reverse.

After doing so, run 2 gallons of water, and do this every 6 months or so to ensure you’re getting the best taste. This process is incredibly simple and makes it easy to enjoy the best tasting water all year round with water filters from DiscountFilters.


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