Know Your Fridge Filter 242017800

Girl drinking water from glassDrinking sodas and juices seem to be habits that many people can’t seem to break, but drinking clear, cold water that actually tastes great might make you more open to getting more H20 in your life. If you’re drinking tap water or haven’t changed your water filter out in a while, the taste of the water might make you want to reach for something else. Even certain bottled waters aren’t filtered the way they should be. It takes practically no time at all to change out a filter to a discount fridge filter like 242017800. It’s just as effective as the name brands and provides another incentive to people to change their filter out more often for a better taste. The installation process is simple, inexpensive and an easy way to lead a healthier lifestyle. Treat yourself to better water!


What Do Filters Do to My Water Supply?

Not every water treatment system is created equal, and you’ve probably already noticed that tap water can vary in how it looks, tastes and feels. A water filter will make your water much more consistent on a daily basis, so you never wonder whether or not its safe to drink straight from the faucet (or from a fridge with a filter that hasn’t been changed for a while.) While the micro-substances contained in the water aren’t necessarily harmful, it also may not make you want to reach for 8 glasses a day either.

A refrigerator filter like 242017800 or the compatible Frigidaire ULTRAWF works with the water by trapping bacteria or elements like lead or chlorine. It’s the activated porous carbon that performs this action, and it works quickly. After about 6 months or so though, the filter typically needs to be changed out.

Installation Process for the 242017800

1. Locate the filter and push the end of the filter. This will release it from it’s housing.ULTRAWF_14

2. Pull the filter out and discard the old filter.

3. Insert the new filter and push it into the housing, you should hear a click.

4. Reset the filter control panel.


You’ll also need to run 2 gallons of water through the filter. Now you can enjoy water in your household, make your own bottled water that is just as fresh as expensive brands and feel more energized and refreshed about what you’re putting in your body. Purer water means a healthier you and it all starts with a new water filter!

Filters Compatible with the 242017800


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