Know Your Filter: 46-9006-750

You may already know that bottled water doesn’t have the regulation that tap water does, yet people still routinely find it a healthier choice than tap. The city generally does the job to deliver water that has been properly treated, but water is the most important element in your body. Why not have the most delicious, clean tasting filtered water possible? Clear and cold, fresh and refreshing: filters give you a reason to drink more and stay hydrated. The UKF8001 filter has a variety of replacements models and the 46-9006-750 can fit a variety of standard fridges to give you a better tasting glass of water. Don’t waste your money purchasing bottled water when you can get one filter to meet your needs. 

mwf filter diagram

How It Works

Your water isn’t just hydrogen and oxygen, it’s also filled with trace amounts of other substances which can make your water cloudy or taste a little ‘off.’ The UKF8001 filter uses activated carbon, which is a proven way to rid your supply of these less than desirable elements. The porous carbon is able to attract everything you don’t want and hold it in the inside chamber of your filter. This design has been a proven and cost effective way to give countless people a better way to get their fluids. 

Immediately after you turn on your tap water, the liquid hits the activated carbon so that it’s able to grab onto things like bacteria, lead, chlorine, and more. This fast process is an easy and convenient way to take one more step in leading a cleaner life. You’ll have your glass ready in just seconds. 


Your filter is generally stored in the upper right-hand corner in your fridge, You’ll likely be working with a filter that has either a push or pull release. To remove the old filter and replace with the new UKF8001 filter model, you’ll need to follow these steps. 


If you have a push release:

1. Locate the tab on the front of the filter housing, then push in to release. 

2. Turn counter clockwise until the filter releases.

3. Pull the filter out. 

4. Reverse the process to install.  


If you have a pull release, you’ll need to locate the tab which is typically hidden below the front of the housing. You should be able to feel it if you run your hand underneath the cover. 

1. Pull forward on the tab until you feel the release of the hatch.

2. Give the filter a one quarter turn counter clockwise. 

3. Pull the filter out. 

4. Reverse the process to install.


For either type of discount filter, you’ll want to flush the filter out by running 2 gallons of water through after installation. When you know the model, process and installation methods, you can start appreciating your refrigerator water filter more and stop fearing what will happen when you need to replace it.  

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