Installation Tips for the Samsung DA29-00003G Filter


Many families assume that the water coming from their faucets is simply “good enough,” but the truth is tap water is often loaded with foreign material either picked up through municipal water systems or through your own plumbing system in your home. To be sure that the water your family is drinking is truly contaminate free, a high quality water filter is necessary.

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Today water filtration systems can be added to your refrigerator so that you have access to the freshest cleanest water with the convenience of your refrigerator. The DA29-00003G is a Samsung Aqua Pure Plus water filer which is manufactured to be used in a number of refrigerator models including Samsung, Kenmore as well as others. This filtration technology removes contaminates from your home’s water such as lead, cysts, chlorine, rust and other foreign materials that can affect the health and flavor of your water and ice.

The DA29-00003G water filer does this with the use of activated carbon. This method removes the contaminates, and gives your family healthy, wonderful tasting water and ice.

Our company carries three different models which are readily compatible with Samsung DA29-00003G. The OEM Samsung refrigerator water filter, as well as the EcoAqua EFF-6011A and the ClearChoice CLCH103. All three of these filters promise to be compatible. We also offer a one year guarantee as well as free shipping on all orders. In addition we also offer free returns if you are not entirely satisfied. The EcoAqua model is often popular due to its lower price and guaranteed compatibility.

Easy Installation

In addition to all of the great benefits of this product, installation is also very easy.

1. Simply remove your old filter cartridge with a grasping and turning motion to the left.

2. Apply the convenient month sticker which is included to the cartridge. This helps remind you of when filter should be changed. Filters should be changed about every six months. After applying the month sticker you can remove the red cap.

3. Next align the unlabeled side of filter with the indicator line. This enables the filter to be inserted into the filter cover.

4. You will now turn the cartridge ¼ turn to the right. This will lock it into place. When it is locked you will feel a stop and a locked symbol will be lined up with the indicator line.

5. Now you will want to run water through the water dispenser for 5 minutes. This purges the system.

6. You can reset the filter by pressing and holding ice type and child lock buttons simultaneously.


Installation Video for Filter DA29-00003A


Despite its economical price the DA29-00003G is an extremely efficient filter and will work hard to remove contaminates from your home’s drinking water. The OEM Samsung replacements have been tested and are certified to meet all NSF Standard 42 and Standard 53. This means that it is certified to efficiently remove chlorine or other contaminates.

If you are looking for the most affordable replacement, the ClearChoice CLCH103 replacement offers many of the same features of the OEM, but at an even lower price. Our more affordable replacements do not have the same NSF certifications, but are very efficient at filtering your home’s water supply at an affordable price.


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