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Indoor Plants That Will Help Purify the Air in Your Home


Indoor air can be freshened with the aid of indoor plants, in addition to the standard air filters you may be using on your furnace, air conditioner or independent units.

Researchers at the University of Georgia tested a number of common houseplants for their ability to remove organic volatiles from indoor environments to enhance healthy living.  Then, the houseplants were rated as superior, intermediate, or poor to reflect their ability to remove all volatiles.

Parlor Palm

Superior Removal Efficiency

  • Red Ivy
  • English Ivy
  • Wandering Jew
  • Porcelain Flower

  Intermediate Removal Efficiency

  •  Weeping fig
  •  Ming Aralia
  •  Silver Nerve Plant
  •  Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
  •  Bromeliad
  •  Flamingo Flower
  •  False Aralia

 Poor Removal Efficiency

  •  Peperomia
  •  Spider plant
  •  Sentry Palm
  •  Peace Lily
  •  Hawaiian Elf Schefflera
  •  Croton
  •  Peacock Plant
  •  Cast Iron Plant
  •  Prayer Plant
  •  Corn Plant
  •  India Rubber Plant
  •  Dumbcane
  •  Philodendron
  •  Arrowhead Vine
  •  Pothos
  •  Rose Geranium

golden pothosOther things to consider are:

  • If you have pets, research plants that may be toxic to them.  The ASPCA has excellent information to cover both species.
  • Also, note the amount of light it will require. Light is necessary for all indoor plants as an energy source to photosynthesize (produce food).  Curtains, trees outside the window, weather, season of the year, and cleanliness of the window can all affect the amount of light that ultimately gets to your plant.
  • Also check the soil conditions the plant prefers.  Let it thoroughly dry between watering.

Check your plants daily, or at least every other day.  Stick your finger into the soil and if it feels dry, it is probably time to water.  If it is wet, damp, or moist, let it alone.  A plant absorbs oxygen through its roots as well as its leaves.  If you keep the soil wet, it will not get enough oxygen through the root system, and will eventually die. Then, thoroughly saturate the soil with room temperature water; never give a light watering.  Misting doesn’t help, as it’s not frequent enough and may cause salt build up on the foliage.

Whenever possible, take the entire plant to the sink and gently run the water through the soil until you see the water drain out the bottom.  Then leave it there until the draining stops.  This is also a good time to check it for insects or disease. Another great way to clean your indoor air is to change your air filters in your furnace and air conditioner frequently. Replacing your air filters regularly can help reduce household allergens, pollutants, and odors.

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  1. Hi Logan Brock, good to read this nice information, some houseplants for their ability to remove organic volatiles from indoor environments to enhance healthy living.

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