How to use the Fridge Filter Finder

Remembering the exact name and product ID of your water filter can be hard and sometimes finding it can be just as hard. To have clean refreshing water you need to change your water filter every six months but remembering the filter name can easily slip your mind. Not changing your filter every six months or sooner, depending on your water usage, can expose yourself and your family to harmful contaminants in your tap water. If you find yourself in this situation use DiscountFilters Fridge Filter Finder tool and you’ll be on your way to drinking clean, filtered water in no time. Just answer five simple questions about your refrigerator at home and we’ll help you find the right filter for you. Not sure how to use the Fridge Filter Finder tool on DiscountFilters? Follow along this easy tutorial and make sure that you’re prepared.

  1. Choose the brand of refrigerator you have and need a new water filter for, from the 16 most popular refrigerator brands in the nation. If you know your refrigerators name or product ID you can search for your filter by typing it into the search box and we’ll help you find the right filter.


Filter Finder- Brand

  1. After choosing your brand of refrigerator, identify the style of refrigerator from the pictures. Identifying your style is easy, just think about what kind of refrigerator you have and click the picture that matches that style.

Filter Finder - Fridge Style

  1. Next find where your filter is located in your specific refrigerator model. Even if you do not know or didn’t know where your refrigerator filter is by answering the previous questions you now know where to look.

Filter Finder - Filter Location


  1. Then answer the question of how you remove your filter from its current housing. Each fridge type has their own way of removing the filter, it is important to remember not to force any of the pieces in the refrigerator to move.

Filter Finder - Filter Removal


  1. Finally, DiscountFilters will display the right filter for your fridge type. After that all you have to do is choose the quantity you need and follow the easy checkout procedure to get closer to cleaner water right from your refrigerator.

Filter Finder - Filter

We are so confident in our Filter Finder that we offer free shipping and returns on our products if there are any issues. This assures that you can enjoy uncontaminated refreshing water right from your own home and never have to guess your filter or second guess the quality of your refrigerator water. DiscountFilters can even assure that you always have a new filter on hand with the Auto-Delivery option available for your purchase.

Isn’t that easy?



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