How to Install a UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

How to Install a UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

How To Install UKF8001 Water Filter:

  1. Locate your refrigerator’s purifying housing unit. This is typically found in the upper right-hand corner inside of your refrigerator/freezer.
  2. Open the housing cover. The housing cover will use one of two types of release options: push or pull.
    • Push release: a push release will have a tab in front of the housing. Simply push the tab to release the hatch of the housing.
    • Pull release: a pull release style housing has a slightly harder to detect opening mechanism. It uses a tab that sits inside of a recess on the front underside of the housing unit. Find the recessed tab with your fingers then pull forward to release the latch.
  3. Remove the old unit from its housing. To do this, turn it counterclockwise (should only take a quarter turn), then pull it straight out.
  4. Install the new unit. Insert the new one and turn clockwise until snapped in tight.
  5. Flush it. You will need to run approximately 2-4 gallons of water through the new purifier before it is ready for use. This will take approximately 5 minutes.
  6. Reset your change notification. The instructions in the owners’ manual will tell you how to reset the notification so that it can alert you when your new purifier needs to be changed.

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