How to Change the Filters in a Shark Vacuum

How to Change the Filters in a Shark Vacuum

Pet hair, dander, dust, and dirt can quickly clog up a vacuum filter making it less efficient and affecting the suction. It takes less than two minutes to change vacuum filters – why not change yours now? Check out our how-to video where we change the filters on a Shark vacuum.

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2 thoughts on “How to Change the Filters in a Shark Vacuum”

  1. Why change the upper filter when you can wash it and let it dry on it’s own? Also you can wash the extra filter under neigh the foam filter. Do you do not have to pay for it too. Someone forgot to mention that..

    • Hi Ben! You can absolutely wash and reuse those filters. However, we only recommend doing this a few times as the foam may start to deteriorate over time. It’s best to change these out regularly to keep your vacuum running efficiently.

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