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How The Activated Carbon In Our Refrigerator & Home Water Filters Purifies Your Water

Activated carbon water filters are the most popular in refrigerator water filtration and other home settings, but how does it actually work? Here at Discount Filters, we know that our ClearChoice refrigerator filters are the best activated carbon product out there at the best price, but you might be interested in how and why that’s the case–let’s take a look.

Activated Carbon: How It Works

Activated Carbon water filter graphicActivated carbon are tiny, incredibly porous particles that have a large surface area in relation to their size. For example, one gram of activated carbon, contains a surface area of more than 500 square meters. This size to surface area ratio is how a very small amount of carbon is able to filter a very large amount of water. 

These carbon particles are often derived from an organic source like coconut shells and are the essential element to the process of adsorption. During adsorption, the water filters through the carbon particles and the impurities in the water are picked up by the carbon while the water passes through cleaner and clearer. 

ClearChoice Filters for Your Refrigerator 

Our inhouse, premium after-market ClearChoice refrigerator water filters use activated carbon to adsorb the unwanted impurities that are present in unfiltered water. The result after the filtration process is cleaner, clearer, better tasting water and ice. 

Using activated block carbon technology, contaminants are adsorbed by the carbon, resulting in cleaner water. Carbon is one of the most adsorptive substances, and it retains microscopic contaminants found in the water being filtered, while allowing the cleaner water to pass through. Our ClearChoice activated carbon water filters will remove those potentially harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Better water, and better price? Yes, please. 

Over time, the carbon does become less effective at capturing pollutants, so replacing your filter becomes necessary. We carry our aftermarket filters in a 1 pack, 2 pack or 3 pack for additional cost savings. 

Replace Your Under-Sink and Whole House, Point-of-Entry Activated Carbon Water Filters with Discount Filters

Discount Filters ClearChoice water filters are also available for under-sink filter  systems as well as whole house, point-of-entry water filtration systems. Whatever water filtration system you have, Discount Filters is here to help you maintain the clarity of your water and save you time and money along the way! ClearChoice filters are not limited to just activated carbon filters, so if your water filter system uses pleated water filters, polyspun water filters, or other common styles, check out our inventory to replace your filters at the best price. 

Enjoy the Discount Filters Filter Compatibility Guarantee

Replacing your refrigerator water filter can be just inconvenient and complicated enough of a task that it’s easy to put off for another day orClearChoice water filters week or, ahem, months. Here at Discount Filters, we have improved every step of obtaining replacement filters to make it a little easier, more effective, and less expensive. From our online fridge-finder feature that connects you quickly to the exact filter you need for your specific refrigerator, to offering multi-packs and auto-delivery subscription options to reduce the mental bandwidth you have to give to your water filters, your filter shopping experience should be quick and easy. Plus, with our in-house aftermarket filters, you can get cleaner, clearer, better tasting water and ice for LESS money. What’s not to love about that? 

Trying something new has its risks, but our satisfaction guarantee protects you. With free shipping, free returns, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about losing money if it takes more than one try to get the correct filter, or if you are unsatisfied with the filter. We want you to be happy with your purchase, and we’ll do our best to ensure it! Find the right filter for your refrigerator or water filtration systems today with Discount Filters. 

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