How Do Water Filters Work? 5 Types of Water Filters and How They Work

Did you know that 21 million people in the United States rely on water from sources with health violations? Unfortunately, some households don’t remember to boil their drinking water regardless of the possibility of having contaminated water. To protect yourself and your loved ones, it could be essential to buy water filters to ensure that you’re consuming clean and safe water. 

So, how do water filters work? If you’re a first-time buyer, you might have several questions about water filters. Keep reading our guide to learn about the different types of water filters and how they work. 

How Do Water Filters Work? 

Water has a unique molecular structure that allows it to dissolve things. It can dissolve all kinds of impurities leading to its contamination. As such, water filters seek to make the water clean and safe for use and consumption by removing impurities.

Water filters eliminate unwanted impurities from your water to improve its quality. Some of these impurities include bacteria, odor, hardness, sediment, and taste. It is crucial to note that you’ll hardly get a filter that removes all contaminants, making it vital to understand the different water filters and what they do.

Types of Water Filters and How They Work

The market size for water filters keeps growing. By 2019, the market size was $25.71 billion, and it’s projected to reach $45 billion by 2027. If you’re shopping for a water filter for your home, you’re certainly not alone.

Here are some water filter options that can help guide you when choosing the right one for your home. 

Faucet Filters 

Faucet filters are installed onto a sink faucet. These water filters have pass-throughs, which allow your sink water to flow freely even when not in use. Faucet filters are a great way of ensuring that your tap water in the kitchen and bathroom is clean. 

If you want to purify your water using the faucet filters, you’ll flip on the filter’s switch to activate it. Once it’s on, the water will pass through the filter, making it free of contaminants and odors. With this water filter, you’re not limited on the amount of water you can filter in a day.

However, it would help to assess your filters regularly to ensure that they are in optimal condition. The last thing you’d want is to drink water, thinking that it’s filtered, only to find that the faucet filter already dislocated! 

Refrigerator Filters

Today, many refrigerators come with an in-built filter that allows the supply of water through the doors. The refrigerator filters improve the taste of water. They also filter the water that you use to make ice. 

How do refrigerator water filters work? Well, the fridge water filters work like most other water filters. They force water to pass through activated carbon for chemical absorption. 

The process removes most contaminants and toxins. Over time, the filters will have absorbed a host of contaminants, making it malfunction. Given the danger of not changing your fridge water filters, it is crucial to understand when you should get new water filters for your refrigerator. 

Water Pitcher Filters

If you enjoy having a pitcher of water on hand, but don’t want to rely on tap water quality, a water pitcher with a filter might be a great option for you. These filters can remove unpleasant tastes and odors from your drinking water just by pouring tap water into the pitcher.

The best part about these filters is that they are quite affordable. At less than $40, you’ll have a high-quality pitcher for your home use. You won’t also deal with any installation, and the pitchers are quite easy to use.

To use your water pitcher filter, fill them with tap water and wait for your water to flow through the filter’s cartridge. Keep refilling the reservoirs to ensure that your filter is full of filtered water. Like any water filter, after a few months, it’ll be time for you to swap out the filter.

Whole House Filters 

As the name suggests, whole house filters are expansive as they cover all the water systems in a house. They are quite large, considering they purify water in your entire home. Whole-house filters are often installed into your home’s mainline water source, which requires professional installers as the process is quite detailed.

Unlike many other filters, whole-house filters are pricy. They are usually multi-stage systems able to remove almost all contaminants. These filters also come as water softeners, which explains part of the high prices. 

Instead of having filters for every water source, you can consider this type of whole-house filter as an all-encompassing solution for your home. You’ll be confident that the water running through every tap is safe for consumption and other uses within the home. 

Reverse Osmosis System

The reverse osmosis system is incredibly popular as it removes almost all contaminants from water. It makes the water clear and odorless. You need to get a quality water filter for you to enjoy these benefits.

Reverse osmosis systems work by forcing out water through its semi-permeable membrane filters. The process removes the particles, contaminants, and chemicals. However, the filtration also eliminates some essential, healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. 

This filter system has an alkalization stage to balance the water’s PH. It also adds back some of the removed minerals to make your water adequate for drinking. Some people get extra filters for multi-stage filtration, which can be more expensive than other filtration forms. 

“How Do Water Filters Work?” Is a Concern for Many Homeowners 

If you’re looking for the ideal water filter for your home, you’ll need to know the different types of filters. Depending on the type of water issue you’re facing, you can choose water filters with your desired features. Note that you won’t get a water filter that will remove all contaminants from your tap water. 

So, which water filter is right for your home? The best place to start answering that question is to test your water quality yourself and then decide which filter can handle the contaminants present in your water. When you’re ready to shop water filters, we have you covered with free shipping and returns!

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