Heavy Metal Toxicity in Household Water


When rain filters into your natural aquifer, it picks up trace amounts of metal that don’t get filtered out naturally. While your body actually benefits from some amounts and kinds of metal, others are poisonous and should be filtered out with a water filter. You could be running the risk of contaminating yourself and your family without realizing it because of the heavy metal toxicity in household water.Clean and dirty water in one glass isolated on white background

It’s a Serious Health Concern

Metals like copper and chromium put a strain on your body and, if left unaddressed, can cause liver and kidney damage as well as nerve, brain, and blood problems. Nearly one million people die each year from a water-related disease. While a small number of that happens in North America, it still shows how important it is to filter your water. You might not notice the health problems over a long course of time, but your body is being affected each time it’s exposed to the metals in your water.

Metal Build-up Can Hurt Your Plumbing

It’s not just your body that suffers from elements of metal that gets in your water. The build-up of these metals can cause harm to your pipes that, every day, process gallons of water.

And it’s not just the metal in your aquifer, but also the metal in your plumbing. Especially if you have an older house, the water that runs through your piping gets exposed to potentially harmful metal that will erode and get into your drinking water. That’s why having a filter system in place is so crucial.

Use Filters

Using filters for your sinks and your refrigerator will stop harmful toxins from remaining in your drinking water. And it’s not expensive to get and replace these filters for your drinking water. It’s worth the cost. When my family installed filters a few years ago, we noticed the difference immediately. No more residue on cleaned dishes and no more weird cloudiness in our drinking water. We were even able to get rid of our token water cooler jugs that we had to get delivered before we installed filters.

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