How to Install HAFCU1 Refrigerator Water Filter

Every family deserves clean drinking water. Buying bottled water is just too expensive and hurts the environment. Tap water and spring water may also contain certain impurities often not seen or captured by the eye. By purchasing HAFCU1 refrigerator filters, you get a 100% clean water supply, free of 99% water impurities seen and unseen.

Replacing your fridge water filter is super important as it removes potentially harmful contaminants that can seep into your drinking water like dirt, sand, sediment, asbestos, chromium, copper, rust, lead and more.

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HAFCU1 Filter replaces common filter models like the DA29-00003G, EFF-6011A, WF289 and more.

HAFCU1 refrigerator water filters are great products designed to provide you and your loved ones with safe and refreshing clean drinking water at all times. This product has been tested over the years and found to be reliable water filter, which removes unsafe substances from your tap water. By installing discount fridge filters, you will be guaranteed fresh and clean water, for your entire household.

Filter Process

The state of the art water filters uses a scientific and technologically advanced water filtration system, which employs activated carbon to eliminate unhealthy substances from your home tap water source. Activated carbon is a substance which is an absorbent and designed to be very porous. Through the process of adsorption, liquid, gas and dissolved liquids settle on the surface.

Through the built-in filtration process, water runs through a line installed in your refrigerator directly into the filtration chamber. Upon entry into the chamber, the filtration process commences when water starts to build up inside the chamber. This water build-up process forces water into the inner chamber which contains activated carbon. Activated carbon naturally attracts any undesirable substance contained in the water. Some of these substances may include mold, bacteria, lead, cysts, chlorine and others. As water passes through activated carbon all of these described impurities are retained inside the activated carbon material. Only pure and crystal clear refreshing water is allowed to pass through for a complete and reliable water filtration process.

How to install your HAFCU1 Filter

Installation of your HAFCU1 filter is quite simple by following these easy steps:

Your refrigerator filter is generally mounted on the upper right hand side of your refrigerator. The HAFCU1 filter usually comes with two different release types, either the pull release or the push release. If your release type is the push type for instance, the tab will be located in the front section of the filter housing:

  1. The housing can be opened when you push the tab inwards, to release the latch
  2. You can remove your filter through twisting in a counter clockwise angle
  3. Pull out the filter
  4. You can replace the filter through reversing this described process. If your filter uses a pull tab, it will be attached on the front of the underside of the cover:
  1. You can remove the housing cover through locating the recessed tab
  2. Latch can be released when you pull it forward
  3. Turn your filter one quarter of the way in a counterclockwise position
  4. Pull the filter out
  5. Reverse the process to replace the filter

Flush out your newly installed filter with about 2 gallons of water prior to using it.

Installation Video for Filter

Don’t waste another dollar on bottled water. Get your HAFCU1 filter today at the lowest prices on the web. We also carry these popular filter models and brands: Whirlpool ukf8001, GE MWF, DA29-00020B, DA29-00003G, 4396508, 4396710, 4396841, ADQ36006101, W10295370 and more. Or use our simple fridge filter finder to find the filter you need.

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