A Guide For Your Honeywell Furnace Filter

Do you know what particulate matter is? Do you know why it matters? If you don’t already know why and how it relates to the indoor air and the health level in your home, here we will walk through the basics and also talk about healthy air quality solutions.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), particulate matter (PM) also goes by the name particle pollution and relates to the particles in the air that are so small you can’t see them. So you can see things like dust particles but cannot see PM. PM come from various sources, such as chemicals, fires and construction sites. But even though PM might seem invisible, they are still affecting your health and that of everyone in your home. What makes PM harmful is that they can be inhaled and can thus cause negative health outcomes because they can get so deeply into the lungs and can even make their way into the bloodstream.

The good news is that there are ways to reduce exposure to PM. One way is by paying attention to and monitoring local air quality alerts, and reducing exposure to outdoor air when the local air quality indicates there is a higher level of PM. Another key way to reduce exposure to PM is by using quality air filters (HVAC filters) in the HVAC system of your home. So one of the biggest benefits of these air filters is a reduction in PM, but beyond that, there is also a reduction in other indoor pollutants. The MERV rating system specifies which filters are able to filter out which pollutants, allergens and particles.

For your reference and as a guide when buying filters, the following are MERV levels of air filters.

The MERV8 type filter is able to filter out a variety of allergens from the air, so anyone breathing that air is inhaling fewer allergens and harmful particles. Although the MERV8 filter is not as powerful as the higher-end filters, it is definitely more effective than the cheap filters that many people install in their homes, not knowing that they are not doing enough to assure healthy air for themselves and their loved ones. The MERV8 type filter is able to filter such particles as pollen, household dust, and pet dander from indoor air.

The MERV8, Dust filter is the name of our MERV8 filter.

The MERV11 type filter works at an even more rigorous level as compared to the MERV8 filter, as it filters even more from the indoor air. That includes particles and substances like pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, car fumes, and smog.

The MERV11, Allergy filter is the name of our MERV11 filter.

The MERV13 type filter works in an even more robust and effective way than the MERV8 and MERV11. That is because it filters out an even greater number of allergens and harmful particles from indoor air, which includes such substances as pollen, pet dander, dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, various types of smoke such as tobacco smoke, smog, car fumes, and more.

The MERV13, Health filter is the name of our MERV13 filter.

The Honeywell filter is an excellent choice for your home in that it is able to make the air much cleaner and healthier for everyone who breathes it. The sizes available in our Honeywell furnace filters are 20 x 25, 20 x 20, 16 x 25 and 16 x 20.

Protect your home and everyone who lives there or comes over as a guest, and use the best filters you can. You will be reducing a variety of pollutants and allergens, as well as certain PM. So monitor local air quality daily, change your filters per manufacturer recommendation and enjoy the benefits of healthier, cleaner air.

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