In the foreground is a pool filter from Discount Filter. In the background is a sparkling, clean swimming pool. Getting your pool ready for summer is easy with Discount Filters

Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

Pool season is almost here, so it is the perfect time to make your plan for getting your pool ready for summer. Locating your pool cleaning tools, assessing what leftover pool maintenance chemicals you have on hand, and inspecting your pool equipment are all important parts of having a sparkling pool awaiting you when you’re ready to dive in. 

Re-opening your pool this summer

Re-opening a pool for the summer requires specific preparation to ensure the pool is clean, safe, and ready for use. Just remember that the months of fun in the sun are well worth it. We’ve gathered the basic steps to follow to re-awaken an in-ground pool here: 

1. Remove your pool cover

If your pool has a winter cover, remove it and clean it thoroughly before storing it away. You will prolong the life of your pool cover if you store it safely away from the elements, including insects and rodents. Putting in the extra effort here will save you a lot of lost time at the end of pool season.

2. Clean the pool

After the pool cover is removed, clear out any leaves, debris, and dirt that may have accumulated in the water. Use a skimmer net to remove larger debris, and a pool vacuum to remove smaller particles from the bottom of the pool. You may need to scrub the pool walls or tile if algae have accumulated. 

3. Check water chemistry

Of course, the water chemistry of your pool is of utmost importance. Use a pool testing kit to check the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels in the pool. Adjust the levels as needed to ensure that the water is balanced and safe for swimming. You will need to test the water chemistry regularly throughout the season, according to the instructions of your pool pump and filter system. 

4. Do you need to shock the pool?

If the pool water is particularly dirty or has been sitting stagnant for a while, you may need to shock the pool with a large dose of chlorine to kill any bacteria or algae that has grown. Follow the instructions on the shock treatment product carefully, and keep people and pets away from the pool until the chlorine levels return to normal.

5. Check the equipment

As you are re-opening your pool, carefully inspect the pool pump, filter, and heater to ensure they are all in good working order. Alternatively, hire a professional pool expert to do a maintenance visit. Clean or replace the pool filter as needed, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. A high-quality pool filter will extend the life of your pool pump and filter system. 

6. Fill the pool to the recommended level

If the water level in the pool is low, add water until it reaches the proper level. Consider using a Water Softening spa-fill filter with Hose Attachment to prevent any contaminants from entering the pool. Keep in mind that adding fresh water will impact the water chemistry, so you will need to monitor the pool water chemical levels closely.

7. Enjoy! 

When the pool is clean, balanced, and the equipment is working properly, it’s time to enjoy it! Remember to regularly test the water chemistry, clean the pool, and maintain the equipment throughout the summer to ensure that the pool stays safe and enjoyable.

Note: opening an above-ground pool

Of course, many of these steps apply directly to re-opening an above-ground pool, too. Small above-ground pools are sometimes packed away for the cooler seasons and then brought back out and re-filled when the weather warms up. After your above-ground pool is clean and set up, you can interpret and follow the steps above. 


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