The Future of Solar Panels

As an environmentally conscious person, I geek out a little when cool things are happening that can change the way we produce and use energy for good. I’ve always had a brief moment of silence for using nonrenewable resource right before I put the gas pump into my car. Unfortunately, there’s almost no way around it. I’ve made some steps in changing vehicles recently to a hybrid, which gets me anywhere we need to be for a low cost, but I’m always on the lookout for all new things coming up in the green technology world. I’m not sure you’ve all boarded the solar panel bandwagon as of late, but there’s been some pretty cool developments occurring.

Falling Costs

If you’re like me, you’ve always been under the impression that solar panels are outrageously expensive. That being said, they always have been pricey, and I’ve always been jealous whenever I would see a house with a few of them hooked-up on the roof. Those high upfront prices will ease out as the solar energy replaces all electric bills. Here’s the thing: the overall cost of making them has actually reduced by 99% since 1967. Most of that has dropped in the last 3 years, since 2011. This dramatic drop raises the overall practicality of actually using solar panels. That being said, panels are still out of the questions for most families.

Rising Efficiency

Right now, there’s more focus on finding usable renewable energy sources than ever before. The solar panel industry is on a rapid up-climb and as a result, their increasing efficiency of solar panels while allowing for a lower overall cost. Efficiency still remains a cost-based part of solar panels, and you’ll get the most efficient ones by paying a higher cost. However, if you’re considering making the transition into a solar powered home, you don’t necessarily need to pay the larger price if a cheaper type of cell panel will do the right trick for you.

Paving The Way To the future

The future of solar panels is actually looking quite bright. With falling costs and rising efficiency, we’re now able to see some really practical applications for solar panels that can change the way our future looks.

This incredibly tactical couple has recently presented an idea that will change the way we power basically everything in our entire world. The concept is actually rather simple and the effects would be world-changing. They have put a lot of time into designing and implementing fully operational prototypes of solar panel roadways. Yes, roads that are made of interlocking solar panels. The best place to learn more about them is on their website, but I am more than happy to talk about all the incredible things that these roadways can do for us. It starts with obvious things like collecting energy from the sun to power road signs. But if every road was made out of solar panels, we would be able to supply enough energy to power our entire country—if not the entire world. The solar panel prototypes can turn the sun’s energy into heat and apply it directly onto snow or rain to melt away snow, leaving now need to wait for snow plows or allow for the nasty buildup of road salt (which does terrible, awful things to our cars). They could even give enough energy to power our cars. That’s right, in a time where alternative fuel research is at its peak, we may be sitting on a gold mine that will enable us to stop digging holes into the earth and using all of its oil.

Sure, solar panel roadways are a bigger concept kind of thing, but solar energy is being harvested for some much more practical everyday things. This solar powered cooler allows you to skimp out of purchasing ice all the time and keeps your drinks and food cold without eventually sitting in a pool of water. There are also gadgets—like this one— that allow you to charge your phone—or other devices—by suctioning a solar panel to your window. These things aren’t necessarily cheap, but they go a long way, and for those who are conscious about their wallet and the environment, solar energy is starting to please.

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