Frigidaire WF2CB Refrigerator Water Filter

Frigidaire WF2CB Refrigerator Water Filter: Important Info

One of the least costly things you can accomplish for your family’s well-being is to give them crisp, clear and clean water for drinking and making ice cubes. Your unfiltered faucet water in your home can convey numerous contaminants and particles in it that can make your family sick.

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The WF2CB water filter furnishes you with clean water as it dispenses with a reduction in contaminants in a natural manner from your water entering your fridge. You can have genuine feelings of serenity when you utilize this discount water filter in your home.

The following contaminants can be found in your drinking water:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Sand
  • Sediment
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Chemicals
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Chlorine
  • and more

The Filtration Process Explained

How do the WF2CB fridge filters work? It is a straightforward idea, however it has been scientifically produced to work superior to other water filters. The filter contains activated carbon to expel undesirable things from your water. Activated carbon has a permeable surface to permit it to trap more particles inside the surface and keep them from entering your household water supply through both the water line to the water dispenser and the water line to your ice maker.WF2CB_27

Your family’s water enters your fridge from the water line in the back of your icebox. It then is pushed into the back of the filter, goes through the filter as perfect and immaculate water and through the water lines for shimmering, clear drinking water and ice cubes. The activated carbon traps destructive substances, for example, cysts, asbestos, lead, mold, microscopic organisms and chlorine. These things are caught within the carbon in the filter in a consistent process so you just need sit back while you and your family appreciate healthy, clear and reviving water at all times.

Step by Step Instructions to Install Your Water Filter

It is a basic and snappy procedure to change your water filter and replace it with another one. Initially, find your water filter. It might be in the refrigerator compartment or behind the kick plate in the base grille of your fridge.



In the Refrigerator

1. Open the refrigerator door and find the water filter on the back upper right of your fridge.

2. Grab the filter and push it internal to discharge it from the housing.

3. Pull the filter straight out, insert another filter and push it internal until it locks properly into the housing with a click.

In the Bottom Grille

1. Pull the tab in the grille forward to discharge the filter.

2. Grasp and turn the filter one-quarter turn counterclockwise, and then pull the filter straight out of the housing.

3. Insert another filter, turn it one-quarter turn clockwise and press the tab inward to lock the filter into the housing.

Never forget to flush the new water filter and your water lines by initiating the water dispenser to remove no less than two gallons of water through the new filter.

When to Replace Your Filter

The WF2CB discount fridge filters clean your water by filtering out harmful contaminants, nevertheless, they do need replacing at regular intervals. After six months of use, the carbon starts to separate inside the filter and it doesn’t trap every one of the particles as it did when it was recently introduced. You can mark your calendar every six months to remind you when to replace your refrigerator water filter.


Discount Filters carries two versions of the WF2CB refrigerator water filter. The first is the original Frigidaire WF2CB which meets NSF certifications 42 and 53. This just means it’s been tested to block out those harmful contaminants from the list mentioned above and to greatly reduce chlorine taste and smell. It’s also the most expensive filter due to the certification and name brand.

Therefore, we also carry an aftermarket WF2CB filter called EcoAqua EFF-6029A, which performs just as effective as the name brand but without the pricey certification, which makes it our most affordable filter and is the one we recommend.


The Frigidaire WF2CB and the EcoAqua EFF-6029A is compatible with the following obsolete or alternate filter part numbers:

  • 218732308
  • 218732309
  • 218732309A
  • 218732309B
  • 218732309C
  • 218732309D
  • 218732309E
  • 218732309F
  • 218732309G
  • 218732310
  • 240396401
  • 240396402
  • 240396403
  • 240396404
  • 240396406
  • 240396701
  • 240508034
  • 241527301
  • 241968501
  • 241968503
  • 46-9911
  • 46-9911P
  • 46-9916
  • 46-9916P
  • 4609911000
  • 4609916000
  • 469911
  • 469911P
  • 469916
  • 469916P
  • 69625-CT-001
  • 76080000
  • 9911
  • 9911P
  • 9916
  • 9916P
  • AP2538969
  • FC-100
  • FC100
  • MB-100
  • MB100
  • MBFC-2003
  • MBFC2003
  • PS1148409
  • PS503621
  • PS898865
  • SWF2CB
  • WF2CB
  • WF2MB

Check out some of our reviews for the WF2CB water filter:

I used to buy my filters at the near by store but they stopped carrying them. They are cheaper on this site, they arrived quickly and are the exact brand that I need. – Brandon P.

The filters arrived in a few days and appear to be the exact same filter I purchased from the dealer; however, the cost per filter was 13% less and with free shipping! – Walter H.

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