Food Waste – How We Can Minimize Our Impact!

Food WasteLet’s think, what is food waste? And why does it matter?

Food waste is the food that is discarded or lost or uneaten, this can occur in any stage of food production. Why does it matter? You ask, well we may have never experienced hunger but I’m sure there are people in our community who could answer differently. IN the U.S. alone 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, this equals more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. Think about what that could bring to people who don’t have food. Kids who only get fed at school but go home knowing that their next meal will be the next day at lunch.

What can we do to help minimize our impact on food waste? Follow the Think, Eat, Save method of grocery shopping and overall way of looking at food. This three stage system will not only help you help others but also save money and maybe even a few pounds.


Take the time to really think about how much food you buy, how much food you eat and how much food you throw out. If you know you’re not able to eat a full dozen of eggs before the expiration date look for other alternatives like half dozen packs. Also, don’t be afraid of ‘ugly’ fruits and produce. You know what I mean, the pepper that is a little lopsided or the carrot that looks like a V. These fruits and veggies are still yummy and nutritious even if they don’t look like the typical image of what you have in your head. Sometimes even this produce will be on sale or marked down so you can save extra and still receive high quality produce. Another tip is to Plan your meals so you know how much you and your family will eat for dinner and how you will be able to divvy it up for lunch the next day. By planning you will be able to consume and enjoy your left-overs versus leaving them in the refrigerator until they go bad.


Become a mindful eater, this means more thinking and planning. I have the problem of going out to a restaurant or filling my plate for dinner and thinking “Wow! I am so hungry, I’m going to eat all of this!” Then I sit down at the table start eating and then realize  that my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I put way too much food on my plate. Remember that you can always go and get more food, usually. Take only what you know you will eat, eat it, and then take a few moments, evaluate your hunger and then decide.


Save your food. Look up the best methods of food storage and preservation. Are you going to eat the chicken in your refrigerator in the next few days or should you freeze it so that it can last longer? That way you can save your food, save your money, and save the environment. Hopefully, you use some of those savings and pass along to food banks to help eliminate the hunger in your community.

We have the power and the ways to make sure that everyone gets fed. Eating properly (and smart) and drinking filtered water like from the UKF8001 discount filter will help you be a happier and healthier you. This gives you the energy to take on food waste and eliminate food waste – bite by, thoughtful, bite.  Follow Think, Eat, Save and become a more conscious citizen, community member, and eater!






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