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FILTERSCAN® Air Filter Monitor


If there’s a universal rule of the world, it’s that nobody likes losing money. Whether it’s someone stealing from you or simply forgetting a dollar somewhere, it’s never a pleasant feeling when you lose money. However, most people don’t even realize that their HVAC systems are robbing them of their own cash. Improperly maintained HVAC systems are the bank robbers of your home.

The most common cause of ill-maintained systems is the improper changing of the HVAC’s air filter. When the air filter inside the system isn’t changed at the proper time, you end overspending on HVAC expenses. Changing the filter too soon results in overspending on new filters—too late and your HVAC system won’t run efficiently, boosting your energy bill. The problem is that it’s actually quite difficult to properly time when the filter should be changed.

I hear you out there. You’re thinking, “How do I know when I should replace the filter?”

Well, that can be a little tricky, and honestly, quite stressful. The simple answer is when they’re dirty (Big help, huh?). It’s kind of your call when you think it’s time to replace your air filters. However, like I’ve mentioned, improper timing of filter changes can end up costing you a pretty penny in expenses and replacement filters.

Don’t worry, though; a stress-free solution does exist. It’s called the FILTERSCAN®. The CleanAlert FILTERSCAN® simply attaches to the duct of your air handler. Once mounted, the FILTERSCAN® reads the pressure of the air inside the handler. When the filter becomes dirty and clogged, the pressure inside the handler changes, triggering the FILTERSCAN® alarm to go off. It’s that simple.

The FILTERSCAN® is an incredibly useful and beneficial tool to have.

–          It takes the guesswork out of changing filters
–          It maximizes HVAC efficiency
–          It prevents costly repairs
–          It maximizes filter life span, saving you money
–          Most of all, it makes the entire process easy and worry-free

For systems in hard to reach places, like the attic or basement, a wireless FILTERSCAN® alarm is available. The wireless alarm can be placed anywhere in your home so you don’t even have to go to your HVAC system to check it. This is just another way the FILTERSCAN® makes changing your filter easy and convenient for you.

Once installed, the FILTERSCAN® does all the work for you. All you have to do is replace the filter when it tells you it’s time. It really is that easy.

Properly changing the filter inside your air system has multiple benefits. These are just a few:

–          Reduced chance of respiratory illness
–          Reduced environmental triggers of asthma (Mold, bacteria, and dust)
–          A better night’s sleep (Who doesn’t want that?)
–          Better smelling air
–          Better control over airborne allergies
–          Reduced risk of HVAC malfunction (NOT cheap to repair)
–          Reduced energy bills

The FILTERSCAN® isn’t necessarily essential to every household, however. You can always do things the old fashioned way. I mean, you can change the filters whenever you think they should be changed. You can worry about whether you’re HVAC system is working to its full potential and saving you money. You can even take the chance of damaging your system by not changing the filter on time.

In the same sense, you can also build a fire without gas or matches. Possibly rub two sticks together if you really want to. It’s your call.

Personally, I like to do things the easier, more convenient way.

If you wish to purchase a CleanAlert FILTERSCAN® click here.


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