Be Prepared. Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Water Filters for Camping and Survival

Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Water Filters for Camping and Survival

Camping is an American craze. Americans spent more than $166 billion on camping in 2018 and that number has undoubtedly risen over the last few years.

The high number suggests that camping is becoming safer, and that is true. But finding clean drinking water is still very difficult.

The situation becomes more dangerous in an emergency setting, like a hurricane or other disaster. Emergency water filters can help. 

What contaminants lie in American waterways? What sorts of filters are there, and how can you find the best ones? What is emergency water filters advice that you should follow? 

Answer these questions, and you can get clean drinking water during a routine camping trip or a sudden disaster. Here is your quick guide. 

Water Contaminants 

Clear water seems harmless, but it can prove rather deadly. Bacteria like E. coli lie in many American waterways, and they can cause devastating infections. This is especially the case in water resources that are near sewer lines. 

Some parasites cause unpleasant odors, which can induce nausea or headaches. Others can create infections like amoebic dysentery or amebiasis

Viruses thrive inside of water, even with careful treatment. You can contract meningitis, gastroenteritis, and hepatitis from drinking a small amount of contaminated water. 

Waterways near urban centers often contain high amounts of chemicals. Methane compounds and heavy metals can cause brain damage if ingested, especially in children. Radioactive compounds can leak into the water and damage cells when swallowed. 

Your emergency water filters should kill as many of these contaminants as possible. Some forms of emergency water filtering work better on bacteria or parasites than viruses. You may need to buy multiple filters or engage in additional methods to be safe. 

The Types of Emergency Water Filters

There are many types of camping water filters, each with its own advantages. From bottles with filtered straws to gravity filters, there are a lot of options. If you’re looking for specific pros and cons of each type, check out our post on ‘The 7 Best Camping Water Filters.’

How to Find the Right Filters for You

It can be hard to tell which filters are best. In addition to the many types available to you, there are many brands on the market today. 

Start by considering your environment. Figure out where the water resources are and what the conditions are like. 

Still, pools of water tend to contain more contaminants than flowing streams or rivers. If you are camping or living near lakes or ponds, you should prioritize filters that remove viruses and parasites.

If you are near rivers, you should examine what lies upstream. Factories and areas with a lot of vehicles tend to produce many chemicals. You should prioritize filters that remove chemical pollutants within the water. 

Gravity filters are best for areas where there are a lot of trees. If you are in a desert or flat area, suspending one bag in the air is hard. You should get a bottle or inline filter instead. 

How to Use Emergency Water Filters

Whenever possible, you should bring an ample amount of clean water with you. Buy reliable brands in your grocery store and carry them on your person. When you feel thirsty, take a quick drink. 

Bring tools so you can catch falling rain as well. Leave your pot out in the open and dangle a tarp so water will fall into it. 

Prioritize obtaining water over obtaining food. You can go weeks without a meal, but you can only go a couple of days without water. The more resources you have for clean water, the better. 

Buy Emergency Water Filters From the Experts 

Emergency water filters save lives. Water can be laden with contaminants. Even if it is clear, it can be harmful.

You can find straws, bottles, and bags that filter small amounts of water. What the filters remove from water is more important than the form of the container. See what threats may be in your waterway. 

We offer a small selection of camping water filters and other great options can be found with some simple online searches. If you have any questions, you can always contact our filter experts here.

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