Know Your Fridge Filter: EDR1RXD1

Tap water can contain thousands of harsh chemicals potentially causing people to get sick. Municipal, and also well, fluid, may have soil, lead, fine sand, sediment, cysts, as well as synthetics similar to chlorine that may have an effect on the safeness, flavor, as well as odor of your current water. An excellent fluid filtration system, for example the Whirlpool refrigerator filtration system EDR1RXD1, may take away these types of pollutants. It will also provide you with more healthy, great-tasting water. The EDR1RXD1 or W10295370 filter is a high quality filter replacement filter for several different refrigerator models such as Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, and Amana side-by-side refrigerators.Water filter isolated on white

Filtration Process

The EDR1RXD1 water filter uses an activated carbon to remove contaminants such as rust, dirt, chlorine, lead and more. Activated carbon is a unique process because it is very porous and has more surface area. To remove these impurities, activated carbon uses adsorption. Adsorption allows for gas, liquids and dissolved solids to attach to the carbon. Adsorption traps pollutants and chemicals in the filter, leaving your drinking water clean and healthy. 

Install Process

To install the EDR1RXD1 refrigerator water filter, follow these steps.

  • Find the fluid filtration system in the top-right nook of the fridge area.
  • Raise free the filtration system cover opening. The filtration system is going to be revealed after which you may eject it while the access is open.
  • While the opening is totally open and clear, remove the filtration system right away.
  • Have the new filtration system removed from the product packaging and also take away the covering from the O-rings. Make sure the O-rings remain in position after the coverings are detached.
  • With the arrow aiming up, line up the brand new filtration system with the filtration system casing and also slip it into its location. The filtration system opening is going to immediately start to shut while the new filtration system is placed in.
  • Shut the filtration system coverage opening totally and click the filtration system into its location. You may have to push really hard.
  • Cleanse the fluid equipment.
  • Reset the filtration system lighting following directions in the owners guide.
  • Exchange filtration system every six months.

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