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Dust in Electronics

We’ve covered a lot of talk about dust in your home.  Having clean air filters, an air purifier, grooming your pet outdoors, and vacuuming often is a good way to reduce dust buildup.  But when it comes to your electronics, you may not get around to cleaning those very often.  It’s inevitable that dust is going to end up in your electronics. Dust likes to collect in those small, out of the way places.

Just like a dirty air filter, a dirty vent or fan in your computer is prone to overheating if it’s clogged with dust.  The dust can pile up and block air flow from the fan.  If you notice your computer fan running louder than usual, it may be the fan being overworked.

The easiest way to clean this would be to use a microfiber cloth.  Microfibers attract dust and dirt better than normal cloth fibers.Set of cloths microfiber isolated on white

If your computer is really dusty, then it may be best to open it up.  If dust is present on any of the circuitry, a quick blast of compressed air or a swipe with a paintbrush can dislodge it.

Similar to computers, your TV most likely has fans or vents in the back.  Follow the same procedures if you notice a lot of dust buildup.

An unexpected place where dust and other gunk can build up is your keyboard.  If you’ve ever noticed “sticky keys,” where certain keys tend to get stuck or push down slowly, it might be because of dust buildup.

Dust cleanup in your electronics should be a routine practice, taking place every few months.  Just like everything else in your home, you want them running at full capacity and efficiency.  I would recommend cleaning them every time you replace your air filters, so that it’s easy to remember.  Before cleaning away, be sure to do this outside or in the garage as you might have dust flying everywhere within minutes.

I was amazed the first time I swabbed and wiped down the inside of my computer.  It ran slightly faster, but much quieter than before.

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