Drink Cleaner, Clearer Water with the DA29-00003G Filter

It’s hard for us to appreciate what a luxury it is to have a refrigerator that can make ice and provide chilled drinking water. Just a couple of generations ago these were undreamed of advantages in the home, and they make life a lot easier. However, it is important to realize that there is a water filter in your refrigerator that works hard to keep any contaminants from your ice and water. If you have a Samsung, Kenmore, or other leading refrigerator, your original water filter is the DA29-00003A-B. Like all water filters, this unit has to be replaced periodically to keep your water as fresh, tasty and healthy as you desire it to be.

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Samsung Aqua Pure Plus refrigerator water filters perform a vital function by removing contaminants and impurities from the tap water your refrigerator uses to make ice and provide drinking water. As one of the more advanced refrigerator filters on the market, water flows into the filter through the provided tubing.

Once in the DA29-00003G refrigerator water filter, the water enters a chamber that contains a special carbon material. This chamber is designed to eliminate the impurities that are commonly found in a water supply, including such particulates and contaminates as:

  • Chlorine
  • Mercury
  • Rust
  • Lime
  • Mold
  • Cysts

These and other foreign items will lower the quality of your water, impede the efficient working of your refrigerator, and over time potentially cause health problems.

You can understand the logic that calls for the need to check and potentially change your DA29-00003G refrigerator water filter every six months. The more contaminants in your water, the harder the carbon element works to eliminate them, keeping them in the chamber and out of your body.

As the contaminants accumulate you have a lower water flow and less efficiency in your refrigerator’s ability to provide you with pure ice and water. By regularly replacing your refrigerator filter with a new one, you allow it to efficiently perform its important function.

Thankfully, this important step does not have to be expensive. We provide discount fridge filters that are the same OEM original product. That means you don’t have to compromise while protecting your family and your refrigerator. While the luxury of having pure ice at the ready is easy to take for granted a little attention to your refrigerator filter will keep that ice handy and pure for years to come.

You’ll find that checking and replacing the DA29-00003G refrigerator water filter is quick and easy. Anytime you detect a change in the taste of the water from your refrigerator, your first step should be to check your water filter.

You can have confidence in the DA29-00003G refrigerator water filter because it is Tested by NSF International against Standard 42 (reducing of chlorine taste, odor and particulate) and NSF International against Standard 53 (reducing turbidity, cysts, lead, asbestos, mercury, benzene, and other contaminants)

A simple check of your refrigerator filter before the New Year and the Fourth of July (or any twice-a-year schedule) will keep your water flowing and tasty.

Check out the video below to see how to install the Samsung DA29-00003G filter:

How to Install the DA200003 Filter:

  1. Remove the existing filter by grasping firmly with a ¼ turn.
  2. Label the filer with the sticker included to serve as a reminder of replacement. Most filters should be replaced within a 6-month period.
  3. Remove the red cap, and align the side with the indicator line (side without the label) for proper insertion into the slot.
  4. Turn the new cartridge ¼ to the right to lock it into place. The filter will automatically stop and a locked symbol should be in alignment with the indicator line.
  5. Once the new filter is installed, run water through the dispenser for about five minutes to purge the system of old impurities.
  6. If your refrigerator has a reset button, reset the filter indicator by pressing and holding the ice type and child lock button simultaneously.

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If the DA29-00003 water filter is not your water filter, you can use our fridge filter finder to see which filter will fit your fridge. Or you can pick of one of these popular filters: ukf8001, mwf, da29-00020b, ukf7003, 644845, 4396508, 4396841, wfcb, W10295370 or search by brand.




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