DiscountFilters.com Pricing Vs. Big Box Stores

A big question that a lot of people often have regarding filters is where to get them for cheap? Nowadays, filters are a steady component to our lives—they’re in our household water and air supply, attached to our sinks and refrigerator units, and even found in water pitchers that we tuck neatly on a fridge shelf. Whether you’re using filters for your home or for your business, it’s important to know how to get good quality filters at a low cost.  This is why shopping for your filters at DiscountFilters.com is easily the best route to take. Unlike other big box stores that carry a sample of items across many different departments with lackluster knowledge about any individual one, we carry a large supply of water and air filters with a team of knowledgeable and friendly customer service that makes filter buying quick, easy, and low cost.

No Shipping Costs

Whether you buy in bulk or not, getting rid of shipping costs enables you to either put more money towards more filters, or allows you to spend less for the filters you need. Unlike many other competitors, we offer free shipping on every domestic order—no minimum order sizes, no special rules, no hidden fees.

From a green standpoint, buying in bulk does have its advantages – less shipping material that inevitably gets thrown away. money grass

Free Returns

We get it – sometimes a product gets by quality control with a defect. This is why were are pleased to offer free returns, no questions asked. If you aren’t happy with your filter product, send it back to us within a year of purchase for a full refund at no cost to you. Simply fill out a quick form and we’ll email a shipping label for you. Print it, stick it, and ship it back to us for free.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

There’s a lot of information out there regarding filters and it can be confusing when you’re looking for a specific item but aren’t sure what the item is supposed to be exactly. Where big box stores fall short, we pick up the slack with our knowledgeable, professional customer service team. We’re here to help answer any questions you might have about any filters you need or any filters you’ve already purchased. If you’re not confident about which filter is right for you, give us a call and we’ll set you up with exactly what you need.

2 thoughts on “DiscountFilters.com Pricing Vs. Big Box Stores”

  1. We never received our filter. Reached out to company twice informing them we never received our filter. No response. POOR customer service.

    Their disclaimer says:
    “Our goal is 100% satisfaction. So, if there were any issues with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your feedback and hope to serve you again in the future.”

    ZERO percent satisfied.

    To make matters worse, DiscountFilters sends automated email asking for feedback… and their site times out when attempting to submit. How convenient….

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