DiscountFilters.com Employee Interview #3 – Rich Scott

Time for interview number three! This month for the DiscountFilters.com employee interview, we sat down with our resident air filter expert and head of Research and Development, Rich Scott. 

Quick Facts about Rich Scott

 Official Title:  Research and Development

How long have you been with the company?:  3 years

What’s your favorite animal?: 3 toed sloth… Just kidding! Tiger!

1.  What is the most common mistake people make when buying an air filter?

Not really knowing for what purpose they are buying the filter.  Most times people just buy something to “fill the hole” or buy what was there before.   I think it would be helpful to know what you are trying to achieve, then buy a filter based on your needs.  For instance, do you want to reduce dust and protect your HVAC equipment, do you want to reduce allergens, do you want to protect those with sensitive lungs such as infants and elderly?

2.  What is the coolest project you have ever worked on?

Personal project – building a fish pond to help a leper colony in Thailand be self sustaining.

Business project – The Lysol “Triple Protection” Air filter.  From winning the right to license the brand, to creating the filter, being the first to certify with The Asthma and Allergy Institute, to getting the product launched on retail shelves.

 3.  What do you think the future holds for air filters?

As society becomes more aware of how polluted indoor air has become and how much it effects daily energy and long term health, I believe people will continue to move to higher performing filters.  I believe that molecular filtration will be the “wave of the future”.  Harmful molecules such as vapors and chemicals are being recognized as a threat more detrimental to health than particles.  Filters with carbon and other methods of reducing these compounds should me more frequently sought.

4. What is your favorite thing about working for DiscountFilters?

It’s always fun to be part of a winning team.  DF tackles every effort to win!  I love being able to bring my personal drive and creativity to help us win.

 5.  What is your favorite story about DiscountFilters.com?

Sometimes it feels like we’re at a party and work breaks out.  (we actually all work very hard, but play hard too).  There are too many stories to recount of unplanned fun and adventures.  It’s sad to say, but some of the funniest stories are of mishaps.  We have many videos of employees attempting things beyond their abilities or just being goofy and not knowing they are “being watched”.  I’ve personally had a few spills on a Segway and watched some folks miss a turn or two on a Segway.  No serious injuries I’m happy to say, just bruised elbows and egos.

DiscountFilters.com Employee Interview #3 - Rich Scott
Article Name
DiscountFilters.com Employee Interview #3 - Rich Scott
This month for the DiscountFilters.com employee interview, we sat down with our resident air filter expert and head of Research and Development, Rich Scott.

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