Know Your Fridge Filter: DA29-00003G

Your body is over 80 percent water, so its important to always stay hydrated. One way to do that is by drinking the cold, clean, and refreshing water from your refrigerator. With a new water filter, your refrigerator can offer you water that is purified and healthy. Not keeping your refrigerator water filter updated allows small particles and other unsavory debris to enter your glass and make it into your body. Prevent this by choosing the DA29-00003G water filter, an affordable filter that fits into a number of common refrigerator styles and sizes.













Do You Know How Filtration Works?

Filtration isn’t as difficult as it might sound! Using advanced technology, your fridge filter delivers clean and cool water in an instant. It works because of activated carbon, a highly porous substance that is able to adsorb many different substances that linger in your tap water. Activated carbon traps floating debris such as chlorine, mold, bacteria, asbestos, and cysts that could put you at risk.

Filtration initiates as soon as you press the water button on the exterior of your fridge. Water from your tap line flows into the refrigerator and through the activated carbon chamber. Particles are trapped inside the filter, while the clean water runs through and directly into your glass in a matter of seconds.

Ways to Install Your New Filter

You don’t need a professional handyman to install your filter. It can be done by anyone willing to follow the instructions! Generally, there are two different kinds of housing filters – push tab and pull tab.

For push tab filters, the tab is located on the front of the housing.

  1. First, push the tab in order to open the housing.
  2. Locate the filter inside and twist it counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the filter by pulling it out once it releases.
  4. Add the new filter by following these steps in reverse.

Pull tabs, on the other hand, are found underneath the housing.

  1. Begin by pulling the tab and opening the housing.
  2. Find the filter and turn it counterclockwise until you feel it release.
  3. Take out the old filter.
  4. Repeat this process in reverse to install the new filter.

Regardless of which filter type you have, always flush your system with two gallons of water before using it.

Changing Your Filter Regularly Is Important

glass of UKF8001 filtered water

While filters are a great tool for supplying yourself with delicious and clean water, they do degrade over time. As the activated carbon wears down, it will become less and less effective at picking up the foreign particles in your tap water, increasing your exposure to hazardous substances. In order to prevent this, always remember to change your discount filter every three to six months. Doing so will reduce your risk of health problems as well as lower the energy costs for your refrigerator.

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