DA29-00003B Replacement for the Samsung DA29-00003G


Improve the quality of the water your family drinks by installing a new DA29-00003B, which is also known as the Samsung DA29-00003G water filter. Many of today’s refrigerators have water dispensed through the door. However, this water goes through a filter before dispensing into the glass. If you have not changed these water filters within the last few months, it is time to do so to ensure your family is never drinking water that’s less than pure. The DA29-00003B refrigerator water filter removes undesirable substances from the indoor water supply so that your family receives fresh, clean water every time and crystal clear ice.


The Fridge Filtering Process

The DA29-00003B uses a scientific filtration process to remove activated carbon from the tap water coming into your home. Activated carbon is a type of carbon specifically created to be extremely porous. A process helps to activate the carbon to create a significantly larger surface area which allows for ample adsorption. This is different from absorption. Adsorption allows for some specific types of material to adhere to the surface of the carbon. This includes gasses, liquids, and dissolved solids. This is the “bad” stuff you want to remove from your water.

When using the DA29-00003B fridge filter in place, the filtration process begins with water entering into the filter chamber from your tap line that enters into your refrigerator. Then, the water flows through filtration cartridge into an inner chamber. This is where the activated carbon is located. It attracts any of the undesirable material in the water to the carbon. This may include asbestos, led, cysts, coloring, and even mold and bacteria. The carbon holds onto these materials while clean water passes through and out into your glass.

How to Install a New DA29-00003B Refrigerator Filter

The process of removing and installing a new DA29-00003B filter is easy to do. There are two types of installation options.

If You Have a Push Tab:

If your refrigerator has a push tab, it will likely be located near the very front of the filter housing. If this is present, you’ll need to:

  • Push the tab inward. This will cause the tab to release and jut out.
  • Pull this tab or latch and this will allow you to turn the filter in place counterclockwise until it comes straight out.
  • Then, insert the new water filter and repeat this process in the opposite direction.

If You Have a Pull Tab:

For refrigerators with a pull tab, it will likely be located under the very front of the housing cover. Find it and then:

  • Removing the housing cover, that is over the top of the filter.
  • This exposes the recessed tab. Pull it forward and the latch will release.
  • Turn the filter a quarter turn counterclockwise while pulling the filter towards you.
  • Replace the filter by reversing these steps.

Once the new DA29-00003B water filter is in place, be sure to run about two gallons of water through the new filter before drinking from it. And, be sure to replace your filter, at least, one time every six months or more often.

Installation Video for Filter

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