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Company is Coming! The 4 Important Types of Filters to Replace Before They Arrive for the Holidays

The holidays are almost here and that means that company is on its way! Whether you’re hosting the whole family for the holiday dinner or serving as the landing zone or sleepover location for out-of-town relatives for a few days, it’s time to prepare. Questions likely abound in your mind, such as “how does my water taste?” and “does the guest room smell musty?” or “is the hall bathroom shower situation up to snuff?”, among many others.

At Discount Filters, we’re here to help, and we definitely have some simple ideas that will streamline your holiday guest preparations. From furnace to portable room air filters—to refrigerator and shower water filters, we have what you need for your holiday hosting.

1) Refresh your refrigerator water filter before hosting for the holidays.

First things first, when you’re expecting company, replace your refrigerator water filter. Offering clean, clear water to your guests is a top priority. Plus, if you’re doing a lot of holiday cooking, you can rest assured that the water you’re using is top-quality. If you don’t have a refrigerator water filter, we also have water pitcher filters that ensure you have cold, clean water on hand as an easy pourable option. Of course, a whole home water filtration system is a great choice, too, especially if you’re in a long-term housing situation. If you already have a point-of-entry filter or plan to get one soon, we also carry whole house water filters.

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2) Replace the furnace filter, range hood filter, and vacuum filter in preparation for holiday guests.

Air quality is another priority for holiday guest hosting. Swap your furnace filter to keep it working efficiently with the cleanest air possible, and consider changing out your range hood filter ahead of your holiday cooking. A Vacuum filter replacement is also a good option for when you’re cleaning before and after overnight guests are in your home. Here at Discount Filters, we have vacuum filters for your household vacuum, your shop vac, as well as your robot vacuum. 

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3) Offer air filters in guest rooms this holiday season. 

Whether you’re preparing an often unused guest room for your visitors or transforming the family den into a sleeping zone for the nieces and nephews, adding a room air filter to any sleeping space is a good idea. For a small sleeping space, our portable air purifier boasts three stages of air filtration, including 1) a pre-filter that traps dust, pollen, and more 2) a HEPA pleated filter that reduces particles down to .3 microns (viruses, mold spores, and pet dander) and 3) an activated carbon post-filter that removes odors and harmful chemical pollutants. Or, if you’re ready to invest in an air purifier for up to 1500 square feet, the Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier is a great option. It’s an ideal choice for allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as for cleaning up pet odors and dander.  

4) Upgrade bathroom amenities like air purifiers before holiday guests arrive.

With recent years of pandemic caution, it may have been a minute since you’ve hosted a gathering or overnight guests. In preparation, take a look at your guest bathroom to see what improvements may be in order. Check out Plink Products for help freshening the sink or bathtub drain, as well as for freshening the trashcan. To reduce odor, as well as purify the air, a discreetly placed carbon air purifier will work wonders! As for the water quality in your bathroom, perhaps now is the time to upgrade to a Shower Filter System that reduces chlorine absorption and inhalation, as well as leaves skin and hair smooth and silky. 

With these four simple steps, you’ll be more prepared for the arrival of your company! What’s not to love about cleaner air and clearer water as you greet your loved ones this holiday season? Find the furnace filters, air purifiers, and water filters you’re looking for at 

Refrigerator filters featured with a kitchen scene in the background.

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