Cold & Flu Season Relief Guide

My son and I love the holiday season. We bake a ton of cookies to share with friends and family, and every weekend we cozy up with a different Christmas movie we love. What we don’t love about this time of year is the higher chance to catch a cold or the flu. We take plenty of precautions as it is with our allergies, so winter is no different. Read up on how we avoid the sniffles below. And happy and healthy holidays!

  1. Wash your hands! You’ve heard this one over and over and over, I know, but there’s a reason for that. Washing your hands correills of seasonctly—with hot, soapy water for 20 seconds (two rounds of “Happy Birthday”—will leave your hands practically germ-free.)
  2. Before cold weather hits, check your furnace and change your filter. You may want to switch to a heavier-duty filter to trap more germs and dust and prevent them from entering your main rooms.
  3. Get your flu shot. Many pharmacies offer flu shots at walk-in appointments, and most insurance plans cover them, meaning you have little excuse not to get a flu shot. You’ll not only do yourself a favor but you’ll also help quell the spread of flu.
  4. While you’re at the pharmacy, stock up on cold medicine on the off chance you or a family member does fall ill. You’d rather have the medicine on hand when the first sniffles come.
  5. In addition to adding cold medicines to your supply, grab some honey and other natural remedies. Throat Coat tea soothes a sore throat, as does a spoonful of honey. Chicken noodle soup has also been proven to help people suffering from colds.
  6. Exercise. In addition to the benefits that accompany regular exercise, it also builds up your immune system. My son and I try to take a walk before or after dinner every evening. Sometimes we’ll head to the park nearby where we’ll both climb all over the playground equipment or go on the swings.
  7. If you do fall ill, stay home. No one in your office will think you’re so brave for coming into work while sick. Instead, they’ll be annoyed. They don’t want to get sick. Take a day or two to recover.
  8. A clean humidifier may help mitigate some symptoms of a cold. Increasing the humidity in the air will soothe sore noses and throats, and it will restore moisture removed by your heating system.
  9. Keep your environment clean. Give your kitchen counters and any other surfaces a regular wipe-down with hand wipes. Do the same with your desk at work.
  10. Drink plenty of fluids. Orange juice, apple juice, water—stay hydrated. Make sure your water filter is up to date, and go to town.

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