Cleaning Water Bottles with Bite Valves

Cleaning Water Bottles with Bite ValvesMy friends know that I will always be seen with four things; my keys, my phone, my wallet, and my reusable water bottle with a bite valve. This is one of my favorite water bottles because I feel I am always ready to go and it’s easy to use whether I’m riding my bike, driving, or just working at my desk during the day. Using a reusable water bottle can cut down on the waste that comes from one-time-use water bottles and you can be assured of the quality of water inside of it because I use water from my DA29-00020B discount filter from my refrigerator. The easy to use straw and bite valve make drinking water easier than ever. The question I get the most from my friends though is how do I properly clean all the parts? This is important because water can get trapped in the bite valve and cause mold to grow if not properly cleaned. There are a few go-to ways that I use to make sure that my water bottle is as clean as the filtered water I put in it.

Method 1:

  • Remove the bite valve and straw from the water bottle cap.
  • Wash by hand in warm soapy water assuring that the water gets in all parts of the water bottle accessories.
  • If using a small brush do not push the brush through the bite valve slit. Exposure to this will weaken and open the slit leading to water bottle leaks.
  • Rinse accessories and let them completely dry before re-assembling the bottle.


Method 2:

  • Remove the bite valve and straw from the water bottle cap.
  • In a container that can be closed fill partially with water and add a few drops of bleach.
  • Place the straw and bite valve in the container, let sit 15 minutes.
  • Shake for roughly 30 seconds in the closed container.
  • Let sit another 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly in warm water.
  • Let accessories dry completely before re-assembling the bottle for use.

By following these methods you are able to assure that your water bottle is clean and you can enjoy the health benefits that come from being fully hydrated in your day-to-day activities. Properly cleaning your water bottle will give you a sound piece of mind about what you are ingesting in your body as well as using a water filter from Discount Water filters.

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