How to Install the CLCH121 and CLCH122 Properly

The ClearChoice CLCH121 and CLCH122 replace the popular Frigidaire ULTRAWF and WF3CB Filters respectively.  These filters are also commonly known as “PureSource Ultra” and “PureSource 3” filters.  You may notice that the ends of the 2 filters are identical.  The difference between the 2 is the length of the filter body.  The CLCH121/ULTRAWF style filter is around 11” from tip-to-tip while the CLCH122 is shorter (about 9”). The longer ULTRAWF filter is a “universal donor” in that it will fit all refrigerators that take either filter style.  The shorter WF3CB filter has an extra plastic rail on one side that prevents it from being used in certain refrigerators.

The good news is you can always pick the CLCH121/ULTRAWF style without worrying about making the wrong choice.  These filters make a connection with the refrigerator in a unique way.  Instead of twisting out of the refrigerator receiver – they simply “click” in when pushed forward. Click on the video link below to see how to properly install these filters in your refrigerator.

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10 thoughts on “How to Install the CLCH121 and CLCH122 Properly”

    • Hey Spencer! Sometimes you have to push pretty firmly to have the filter unlatch so that it can be removed. Give that a try and let us know how it goes.

    • Hey Tony! It’s usually recommended that you flush at least 2 gallons of water through the system after replacing the filter. Hope this helps!

  1. Any other suggestions for removing the old filter? It doesn’t want to budge for me. Also, if I dump 2 gallons of water can I just turn on the ice maker again or do I have to dump ice cubes.

    • Hey Janet! Sometimes these filters can really be stuck. You may have to have place your foot on the bottom of the inside of the fridge to hold it in place while you try to get the existing filter to pop out. If you’re still having any struggles, you can also remove the filter housing if need be. This video was shared on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY8RSZQgb_o

      Hopefully this helps!

  2. My filter clch121 ha an extra rubber gasket at base of each small tube. That original did not have. I installed easy enough with those on. but it leaked.

    Had to take it back out and take those off. What were those for.

    • Hey Cecil! Sorry to hear about the leak issue. Those gaskets are meant to prevent leaks, but it doesn’t sound like that worked for you. If you ordered from us, reach out to our customer service team and we’d be happy to get you a replacement. Hope this helps!

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