Choosing the Best Home Air Filter

Our new AirX filters are made here in the USA, and designed with you in mind.

Let’s give you a quick intro on why you need to buy air filters in bulk and replace them often.

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Air filters are an essential part of home maintenance. Not only do they protect your HVAC unit by keeping it performing at its best, but more importantly they attract those tiny particles in your air instead of you or your family breathing them in. These tiny particles can consist of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, dust, lint, cigarette smoke, etc. If you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, it is said that just by replacing your home’s air filter regularly can help alleviate some of those symptoms. But regardless of whether you have allergies or not, everyone wants cleaner indoor air. Replacing your air filter can also help absorb yucky indoor smells that can come from cooking, the bathroom, pets, smoking and more.

The great news is, air filters are not expensive. And they are really easy to replace. The hardest part is finding your furnace, and locating where the air filter is within your furnace or air conditioner. However I’m really hoping that since you own a home, you already know where your furnace or air conditioner is located. Hopefully.

So, now that we have some very good reasons on why you should replace your air filters, let’s check out which types of air filters there are, and why you should choose one over the other.

Let’s start with the cheapies.

MERV 4 Basic Fiberglass Air Filter. Looks like this:


  • Replacement time: This is a one month filter.
  • Who: Single people or married with no kids, no pets, non smoking.
  • What it does: Captures LARGE dust, dirt, pollen and odor particles. Reduces contaminants and creates cleaner indoor air.

Downside: Only captures larger particles, which means smaller particles won’t be captured necessarily. Must replace monthly which can get slightly tedious.

Moving on….



Dust Prevention is a MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter


  • Replacement Time: Every 90 days under normal use
  • Who: Single, Married, Small families, no pets, non smoking.
  • What it does: Designed for general air filtration with light to medium dust loading conditions.  AKA attracts common medium to large size household allergens like dust, pollen and mold spores.

Moving on….




Pets and Odor Carbon Air Filter MERV 8

  • Replacement time: Every 90 days
  • Who: Most normal families with kids, maybe a pet or two, smokers.
  • What it does: Premium quality odor reduction. This is like the dust air filter with the same MERV 8 rating but the carbon is a specialized media that can help control odors from cooking, food odors, new paint, new carpet, bathroom smells, cigarette or cigar smoke and pets. It attracts and holds small particles and removes formerly unfiltered gases and odors from the air.




Allergy Prevention MERV 11 Air Filter


  • Replacement time: Every 90 days
  • Who: Anyone but especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma
  • What is does: MERV 11 removes impurities that are larger than one micron. These include mold spores, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoking cooking or cleaning odors. As it efficiently captures contaminants while not hindering airflow. AKA captures smaller particles while still helping reduce odors.

And Finally…




Healthy Living AirX MERV 13 Pleated Filter


  • Replacement time: Every 90 days
  • Who: Anyone but especially for people with allergies, kids, smokers, pets or just obsessed with clean air.
  • What it does: Energy efficient design, for maximum performance, captures more particles than any other filter, certified to remove dirt, dust, mold, bacteria, cigarette smoke and dander from pets. This filter will make your hvac unit work a little harder as the airflow is slightly restricted so it can pick up smaller particles.




So there you have it. New Discount Filters AirX air filters in a nutshell. Of course we’re assuming you know what size air filter you need.


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