Checklist for Opening Your Swimming Pool

I’m not a very big swimmer myself, but if there’s one cool way to spend the summer, it’s on pool upkeep. We had an in-ground pool put in just a few years ago when our granddaughter was born and since then, our house has been the family destination for summer fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fire up the grill and entertain our family and friends, but when the pool is really the center-point for all of it, it takes a bit of upkeep.
People know that I love a good project and, during the summer, the pool is as much of a living project as anything really can be. Every morning I have a cup of coffee, then go out to the pool to clean all debris off the surface, check the filter holes for any clogging, and make sure that the chlorine is set at the right level.
If you’re getting ready to unearth your pool for the season, there are some simple things you’ve got to make sure you do in order to have a good summer splashing about in the water:

Pool-ready Checklist:Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.

Clear the Area

  • Over the off-season, your pool has probably become crowded with leaves and other bits of nature. You’ll want to either blow or sweep all of this stuff away from the pool as much as possible before you do anything else.

 Remove the Cover

  • Pretty self-explanatory here. Take it off and make sure it’s being stored somewhere safe. I’ve learned over the years that if you sprinkle a little talcum powder over it before folding it’ll decrease the chances of the material binding or sticking to itself while in storage.

 Fill It Up

  • Chances are your water level was a little short when you put the pool up for the winter. Make sure you fill it up so that it’s in-line with the middle of the skimmer opening.

 Check The Details

  • While you fill the pool back up, take some time to check each detail of the pool. Check and test any ladders, diving boards, handrails, and slides. Look for loose or missing bolts and other potentially dangerous situations.

 Ready the Pump

  • Each pool has a pump designed to flush water through its filtration system. This is important for keeping your pool nice and clean. Check the hoses, pumps, and filters to make sure everything is in working order. You’ll want to run a circulation system for 8-12 hours to make sure it’s up-to-snuff.

 Get a New Filter

  • You’ll want to replace the filter a few times throughout the season, but you always want to start with a fresh pool filter. In all honesty, DiscountFilters.com has the best quality filters at the best price.

 Align pH Levels

  • Here’s where the mad-scientist in me gets a little excited. Of course, there’s nothing outside of the normal protocol that you should do here, unless you want your skin to turn green. Fill a test tube with the water and test it with a testing agent. Depending on the levels, you’ll want to add chemicals to balance it out.

Opening your swimming pool for the summer is only half of the battle. In order to maintain it all summer long, you’ll want to keep checking on the pH levels, cleaning out leaves and bugs, and making sure you have an efficient, working pool filter.

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